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The left is insane with their social liberalist agenda of forcing their beliefs on other people; it's absurd. I was only ranked a libertarian on a quiz when I opposed government same-sex marriage. Evangelicals and I almost want to say Christians should oppose government same-sex marriage because unless the government is going to return marriage to the churches, it is an example of the government actively endorsing homosexuality by changing the definition of marriage. Furthermore, those groups aren't satisfied when agreeing to leave the individual alone they prefer active lobbying forcing their corrupted morality on other people. When Congress or the states won't do something the left will cheat through judicial activism. I would favor something like a domestic partnership or civil union that is something like a business pack where 2 males agree to be responsible for each other that isn't necessarily homosexual.

If i ran for president while I hate porn there's nothing or onley little i can do to oppose it as president. Liberals now wish to indocranate children with homosexuality through books and tv shows.

Transgendersim for children use to be seen as child abuse now its a human right to a demcrate.



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