Bitcoin_Bastard #homophobia

The old school gays are fine...being in the media industry I've worked with dozens of the mincy queens. One time I was the only heterosexual working at a radio station in Europe which meant I got to fuck all the cute young female interns who came in on work experience 🥳

I'm still very good friends with one of the poufs I used to work with back in the day...we still meet up for drinks and swap crypto tips via phone.

Stupid idiot caught HIV from injecting steroids...needle sharing in a gay gym 🤦🏼‍♂️

Last time I met him for beers and food I moved my chair away from him just to eat my meal when he asked why, I said: "cos I don't want you spitting in my food you AIDS infected cunt." 😂

He looked pretty upset but he knows what I'm like and it's not like I spurned him once I found out he was

a) Gay (he was closeted for around 10 years of me knowing him)

b) HIV positive

The new typical millennial faggots are literal human excrement with their whining and mentally ill ramblings on Twitter...those types I do shun



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