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Blackpill [Shit that IT won't touch] Often times, normie advice does more harm than good

They give you advice, but the rules are set in opposition to what is socially acceptable."Be nice and girls will like you", then you start being nice to the girls and get labeled as a "nice guy". "You cant be nice, bro! Girls hate nice guys, they only want jerks", but by being a jerk you only get people to dislike you, so you stop. "Being yourself is great! Women love honest guys!", but by being yourself you get nothing again. "You can't pick up girls because you're boring! You gotta have a nice personality", then you try to emulate that interesting, suave, confident type of personality, only to find out you're actually coming off as stupid and pretentious to others. "You have to approach more, bro! It's a numbers game!", but the only thing you get is a reputation as the "Creepy guy". You hear that the best way to get a girl to like you is "Getting into hobbies that you're truly interested in, socializing in those groups and then trying there" you do make friends and social connections, but as soon as you try anything with a girl, you either hit a brick wall because she isn't attracted to you, or you come off as the creepy guy once again because people think you infiltrated their group just to hit on girls.

And while you as a naive, young, socially inept guy does that stuff, people are laughing and berating you for doing exactly as they told you. Now tell me why, why don't people just cut to the chase and tel you the truth? If people just told you that looks are the most important attribute in dating, and if a girl never sees herself fucking you in any situation no amount of personality or game or style or gym can compensate for that, you wouldn't have gone through all of that hassle and heartbreak. I do believe that some of us (especially the younger and the socially inept people) are victims of those shitty platitudes that normies throw at us just to sugarcoat the reality of things.



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