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These RIOTS are the attempted communist uprising against America

Communist/Bolshevik uprising, see Ukraine circa 1930’s….If you don’t know what happened there, they killed about 20M people through starvation etc.

From the NaturalNews:

Excerpts: Our sources are now confirming that a guard station outside the White House was torched last night by “rioters.” They’re really communist-led terrorist cells who are probing the White House as part of a sophisticated operation to overrun the property and attempt to assassinate President Trump.

We are also learning that the tech giants — Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, etc. — are all-in with the Antifa terrorists, and some platforms are allowing Antifa terror cells to use their online messaging to coordinate acts of terrorism on U.S. soil.

This further demonstrates how the tech giants are enemy combatants actively working to overthrow and destroy the United States of America.

Soon, Trump will invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807, we’re told, and he will deploy U.S. soldiers on the streets of America to start fighting back against the communist-led uprising that’s being defended by the left-wing media and the techno-fascists.

I guess it will be open season pretty quick unless something stops these @$$hats…..Looks like the teckies are upset that TRump is coming for them.

Let’s hope the troops haven’t been indoctrinated and shoot citizen patriots…..

~Ragnar (RFXtFR)



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