Various Incels #sexist

(NOTE: This is ThoughtfulCel’s parody of the poll from before)

RE: Serious Should black-pilled non incel women be allowed on the forum?



Same tbh. What is this site coming to? A few years ago you would be shit on by every user for even asking this shit.

Allow them if they are ready to fuck an incel

Absolutely not. It maybe could offer valuable insight (but we know everything already), but this place would turn into a lek over some bitches. Eggs should never be introduced into all sperm spaces. They will fuck up the dynamics in every community they enter.

No, there is nothing foids have to say that I want to hear, no thought of any value, nothing to gain by allowing it

What the fuck would that prove? I don't need a foid coming to this forum saying "yeah I wouldn't fuck you ugly males ever. Haha you're never getting pissy cause you're ugly and we don't have to ever settle cause there's a ocean of cocks willing to fuck us no matter what we look like".

(Dr. Dicklet)
Yes I'd like to abuse the fuck out of them, they wouldn't last long. Most of us are in agreement here and it can get a little boring

Honestly one reason it might be worth testing out is to see how many people here are cucks and orbiters, then ban them along with the foids, but besides that fuck no

Yes but only if they're trans



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