Dooyo #homophobia

in regards to an artwork of Killian and Gon, two fictional males

Best couple

Best friends you mean

Na Killua is gay for sure. and i love this!

Why are you projecting your shit?

Obviously that you like it, you are a fujoshit after all, the concept of friendship doesn't exist in your sick head

I just love how homophobic you are. "Your SICK head" "Fujoshit"

If you have problem with the LGBT community, don't read HUnter x hunter. Dont read a manga which has Hisoka.

That Alphabet soup group really invaded everything in the West.

Only the Middle east and Africa remain strong against that shit

Well, thanks for the compliment faggot, it is a badge of honor to be disgusted and hating fag like you lol. More like a Religious duty

It will bad and atrocious if I didn't hate your shit, pretty bad, that would mean atheism

The question isn't your faggotry, but the fact that you project your shit in where there is zero sign of it.

I know that it is hard for your sick head, but learn the concept of friendship, that is literally the main thematic in HxH between the main cast. They even repeated the word friendship for retard like you to understand since you can't see friendship without someone spelling it for you.

Hisoka is a sicko and thanks, I hate the character, there is a difference between reading and hate some elements and like other elements

And stop with your homophobia nonsense, no one is scared about them, learn what phobia means.

They are hated because of their disgusting acts unless you are into shithole.

They are also hated for Religious reasons.



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