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I’m convinced that these young girls recruited into the gender ideology cult are incredibly dangerous. They engage in self harm, denial of womanhood, advocate for fetishists & help break down safety boundaries in schools & in relationships. They remind me of the women who recruited for the Nixim cult but they are so young that it’s often other minors they are breaking in …..think about how it’s peer to peer contagion with young girls identifying as trans men …u have groups where out of 100 there are up to 30 converts

( @LilyDaisy )
It’s girls as young as 10- seeing it in person in daily life and now it’s in the news - the girl bully that attacked a boy for “misgendering” a female peer who thinks she is a man; the girl attacked by her female peers in the UK etc. Kids all over the USA are being suspended for not stepping in line

( @ASTwistedFemale )
They absolutely are dangerous. Men would have NEVER gotten their foot in the door if it weren’t for these



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