Raine-Rose #fundie deviantart.com

(Animated stamp that reads “God made Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve.””

There are many stamps out there that support gay/homosexual/yaoi&yuri etc relationships. Well, I'm not a homophobe, but I have a right to state my beliefs too. As a Christian I believe that the Lord created man and woman for a reason, and that we shouldn't mess with it.

Jesus loves everyone. But only those who love Him back will be recieved as saved & purified into glory.

EDIT {2}: Righty-ho. You didn't listen to me. I'm just going to disable comments. ^^ A simple request, and comprehension of it is soooo difficult...

Please do not comment just to bash or flame me.

If you want to comment, make it relevant. :)

EDIT: PLEASE READ! I am serious by the way about relevant comments. I'm not one for debates (I'm retired from that stuff XD) so I appreciate it if you just post comments that talk about the skill or the way I made the stamp. I don't wish to speak about the "politics" of this deviation. It was made for fellow Christians and/or people who agree with my views. Please respect this or I will hide your comments.



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