Chuck Lowe #crackpot #wingnut #psycho

Progressives, by and large are Fascists who DON'T want your opinion, or your input in any way to interfere with their Totalitarian agenda.

Yahoo recently eliminated comments. Eliminating comments is the de facto admission, that your argument is untenable, unsustainable in the face of criticism.

Look, if the Kansas City Star, did NOT want a free for all, completely wide open discussion of the topics it considered relevant - then they could state rules and regulations for comments, "Hey chuck, you can't swear, etc etc).

But that is not what they and every single Progressive publication are worried about. What the NYT, POST, NBC, ABC, Yahoo etc etc, are really worried about, is that people will be more open minded to differing opinions and different points of view and THEY WILL LOSE CONTROL OVER THE NARRATIVE.

Control, control, control, "Wear Your Slave Mask" CONTROL AND POWER is what they are afraid of losing.

The protections that 230 provide the bullies, Fascists and thugs that run Silicon Valley are not afforded to the rest of the 4th Estate.

Fuck Jack Off Dorsey and fuck Zuckerberg and fuck, fuck fuck Google.



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