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Blackpill Everybody knows that your life sucks because you're ugly

People know that because you're ugly that you live a harder life than them and struggle a lot because of it, they just don't care. People use to go to circus freak shows to laugh and mock deformed people. They didn't do it because they have bad personalities, they did it because a part of being human is finding enjoyment in watching ugly things suffer.

Not one person looks at this jestermaxxed 5ft3 guy and doesn't have their brains scream virgin loser.

Blueface & PNB Rock Turn Up The Heat On Nick Cannon 🔥 Wild 'N Out

“[The boy] was basically being tortured in school by the other students and investigators, but the administration was only focused on protecting the girls who were lying,” the family's attorney Craig Fishman told the outlet.

She allegedly justified her decision to fabricate the allegations during a recorded interview with school officials that was obtained by Fishman. “I just don’t like to hear him talk. … I don’t like to look at him.”

This is the shit that makes kids shoot up schools.

I stopped taking disrespect at like 14. I don't know how you motherfuckers let that shit slide. Once I started lifting disrespect, vanished.

That's the thing though is that when you're ugly it's just you constantly having to defend yourself. I stood up for myself a bunch and they always want revenge. Being ugly is cancer.



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