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RE: It's depressing that this even needs saying: Parents of trans children are not abusers

(Anthony Owen)
Why allow diviant and abnormal behaviour to become common and fashionable - just because of media and social media articles?

(Simon Hodge)
medically altering, or blocking puberty is the very definition of child abuse. I suggest anyone thinking otherwise should listen to the first hand testimonials of individuals who under went these procedures to realise as adults it was a huge mistake. One of the saddest things you will ever listen to. It is our job as parents to nurture, protect and prepare our children for the world.

(Micky Birmingham)
I wish I didn’t need to say this *but* parents of trans-children under the age of puberty *are* child abusers. Furthermore, in many cases parents of trans-for children under 18 are *often* child abusers. Children need to work out their sexual orientation for themselves and make the decisions for themselves when they are adults and old enough to understand the *true* implications.

(David C)
Yet another biased, totally single sided article.
No mention of the enormous harm these treatments can cause later in life when the child changes its mind or simply becomes mature enough to understand the enormity of the mistake it has made.

(Dan Hall)
What a disgrace. I blame the government and liberal permissiveness. When I was at school there was no such thing as trans children. There were just boys and girls. Who on earth is polluting the minds of our youth? This is a travesty of a mockery of a sham.

(Steve Collins)
Yes they are. Twisting young minds and confusing them about their orientation and blocking puberty is abuse and should be dealt with as such.

Parents of trans children are abusers, as are the doctors that suppprt them in this sexual abuses of children.



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