littleowl12 #transphobia

How come it's never on trans people to "be kind?"

Some asshole on Twitter was banging on about how he would rather teach his "kid" to "lose well" than to be unkind, referring to boys in girls' sports. People pointed out that he could therefore put his sons in boys' sports teams where they would then have the opportunity to lose well.

Oh, but that's not what he meant!

One TIM actually tried to explain that as someone truly dysphoric, he'd NEVER want to be on a girl's team. Beating them all and crushing them with ease would only underline his male body, not validate his feminine identity. Mr. Be Kind didn't understand this and asked why he wouldn't want to be on a team with girls who shared his "gender identity" and the TIM added that he'd feel ashamed for cheating girls, especially with his male body. And that's a very good point- I don't believe that men who enter women's sports are dysphoric in the least. They're very happy with their male bodies.

Mr. Be Kind was stumped on that one.

It's never on trans people to "Be Kind" to anyone else. Creeping family members out by naming yourself after one of them? Tough. Scaring women by being in their vulnerable space? Tough. Taking advantage of sexually inexperienced young men by lying about your actual sex? Tough. Hounding lesbians and ruining them/their spaces? Tough. Destroying fair competition in a sport? Tough. Comparing your bullshit to the difficulties black women face everyday? Tough.

It's all take, take, take, and they don't feel they have to contribute anything in particular, for any reason.



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