Maryam_ #sexist

Honestly men are so deluded about their own shitiness it actually astounds me. It feels like theyre deliberately holding back, like theyre making a conscious decision to improve their reputation. I genuinely dont think they believe a word they utter when it comes to defending themselves but I have nearly never seen men admit basic reality. Even BPF occasionally calls women bitches and whores but men could be raped, tortured, have their whole family killed by their another man but theyd never decry the male sex. Its weird and tbh with pickmes pick-me-ing I sometimes end up having my doubts. Like am I living in a fucking stimulation or something? Am I cherry-picking shit? Statistically speaking I should see at least one guy with awareness? Where are they?

So when the glass cracks, just a little bit, its like a scream Ive been holding eventually gets released. The situation is so bad that Im still holding onto a single comment of a US soldier from fucking Iraq of all fucking people, on r/collapse in all fucking places, (basically a guy that should be 90% close to reality) telling a woman, "As a (blah blah blah) I have to admit that we as a sex are evil" (paraphrasing). Like... that is the only bout of self-awareness I can count in my hand. The other was a Pakistani guy who said that feminism should learn to incorporate violence. They are such unique cases that I still remember them wtf



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