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BBF thinks she knows ALL femcels thought processes…

At this point I don't see a big difference between femcels and incels. Both groups are resentful of women. Nine out of ten times, femcels are just sad that they are not objectified or degraded and can't be a sex toy. They don't care about male violence they are angry at pretty women not at men overall because women stole "their" mostly innocent boys. Femcels don't want to kill pretty women only because they don't have biological urges to kill like men do but they can be really hateful and jealous. Really most women's lives revolve around men and sex just like men's lives revolve around women and sex, women just don't want to fuck 24/7 like men. I am starting to think femcels are as delusional and disturbing as incels or even more...

How delusional. Like most Stacies and Beckies’ fuck even normies’ lives don’t also revolve around sex and male validation? Give me a fucking break. Most women are not any psychologically different in this regard. Also, most femcels were bullied by other women who are more attractive than them their whole lives so of course most will resent those women. On top of that, we may not be catcalled but we are also ostracized by men for not being attractive and made to feel as if we should just disappear. These bitches just want us to stay silent about our issues because they don’t to want believe that god, forbid, some women actually have it worse than them.

It proves that BPF cannot support itself without hating on somebody (preferably women), they spend every day calling all women pick-mes (all except BPF ofc), naturally submissive (except BPF), their defeatist mindset doesn’t give room for self-improvement, at least femcels have ascension to look forward to.

I agree with you entirely, at least most femcels actually can improve and are capable of possessing the mindset to find happiness. These bitches are just rotten to the core no matter what.

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RE: Men are retarded

I mean, men are basically a support system for their broken chromosome, which is a parasitic program and dicks are a tool for its self-replication. Honestly, men's attempts at self-reflection and self-analysis will never not be funny to me. The fact that they are taken seriously at all is peak tragicomedy.

Based. The entire macro-behavior of males reflects the microscopic behavior of the Y chromosome. Once you start to see that, it's impossible to unsee.

Exactly, it's like Borg collective. A man as a system is effectively the Y-chromosome and its life support. He does what it prompts him to do. When he speaks - it speaks. Any woman who believes that a man is an individual with free will and not a program executing his imperative, is not looking close enough or is afraid to see it.


Damn this was haunting

explain, this sounds really intriguing

I could write a whole book about that, but surprisingly, the facts are easily available on Wikipedia. You can easily draw comparisons between the "behavior" of the Y chromosome and male behavior.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Y_chromosome - read the Origins and Evolution section, the entire thing is gold, and then compare it to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_chromosome#Humans - it clearly shows that females are genetically superior

The Y chromosome only cares about itself and its own propagation, not the whole genome (unlike the X chromosome).

The female is concerned with creating life, while the male is concerned with perpetuating himself. Sperm are insignificant, abundant, and cheap. The egg just waits there like a queen, because it's valuable and expensive. Macroscopically, the male is frustrated with his insignificance and dependence on a female to reproduce, but he also venerates the female because of how much he needs her - hence the creation of the love-hate, idolizing-demonizing, madonna-whore dichotomies in which males view females.

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RE: How many males have raped?

All men are rapist. The one who havent rape think about rape or are afraid of the consequences. 99% of men have rape because we live in a world where women are threaten that they must fullfill their duty to give themselves to their husband so they their mongoloids dont end up cheating or she's to be blamed. Plenty of cultures do not recognise marital rape because rape is the most effective mating strategy for moids. And unfortunately 99% of women are married to their rape apes

Most studies dont take about married moids or the culture surrounding the the threats that are taught to us if we dont end up pleasing the moids in marriage.

Another reason all men are rapists is the selective breeding of women and our cattle status.

If women have been selectively bred to be men's slaves (I don't know one person who doesn't atleast acknowledge generational trauma) and are under global male control how is consent real? Hell, I've even heard of conservative politicians who've acknowledged that we're all a product of male rapism because if we were to make abortion illegal whose to stay any of us would be here (male incestual rapism can potentially be found in everyone's family tree).

Recall the metoo movement; some women felt that if there was a power differential at work then whatever happens between the two parties can't be said to be consent free and clear.

this is a great point, and it really illustrates the flimsiness of the consent model. if the mere existence of a power dynamic can put consent into question, then consent is ALWAYS IN QUESTION. particularly in heterosex where it can easily turn life-threatening.

You fucking get it.

We will never be equal so we will never be free and we're always in a position of vulnerablity. How is fucking slaves, bred to be slaves, ever not rape? If the circumstances of coercion is always present due to the inherent power imbalance of the sexes and sex based oppression...

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Can you imagine a world without scrotes?

Yesterday when i was daydreaming,i thought about a world without men. Its crazy how 99% world problems are created by them. In a world without scrotes there would be: -No war -No Abuse, rape, trauma -No Pedophilia -No Rape culture -No destrution of nature -No sexual assault -No Sexual abuse/degradation -No animal cruelty -No Human trafficking -No abuse of woman and children -No violence -No catcalling/ Street harassment -No Motherhood cult -No overpopulation -No climate change -No oversexualization of everything -No racism -No Judgement (eating disorders, fat shaming...) -No objectification -No teen pregnancy -No grooming -No firearms -No nuclear weapons -No fear -No murder -No Poverty -No sex workers -No porn -No sadism -No Terrorism -No marriage -No divorce -No STD´s -No prisons -No ageism -No Colonization -No world hunger -No hierarchy -No misogyny -No forced marriages -No religions -No 3 world countries where woman dont have any rights -No discrimination -No feminism

-Woman could wear everything they wanted -Woman could travel everywhere alone -Woman could go out at night alone -Woman could have power -Woman could be free -Woman could do anything and be anything -Woman could be human

So i want to thank all handmaidens that had, have and will sons. Because of you there will never be world peace and this shit will suck forever. Fuck you.

I think the socio-economic, political and cultural environment scrotes created is the biggest thing that makes me stay on this site. I haven't been traumatised by them (based pakistani gender segregation.) I can always go WGTOW and avoid them. But I can never escape them. Male biology is there, telling me that there are five lights instead of four and that Big Brother is always watching me. They're creating the collapse that will kill third-worlders like me, creating the systems and religions that keep our countries in shitholes.

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It is better if everyone dies at once

I've seen many women proposing that if all males dropped dead, we would finally have peace. Well, after becoming blackpilled, I beg to differ.

Most women are fundamentally cock addicts. They base their entire worth and purpose on being around and worshipping males, so naturally they'd either sob endlessly for their moids being dead, or make it hell for the rest of us.

They relate so little to each other and to womanhood, they'd become extremely desoriented and unable to move on and at least try to rebuild things. Unlike males who would be just fine if all of us died altogether.

So the only solution to this hellhole is everyone dying at once. Like by a planet collision similar to Melancholia's, or a nuclear bomb vast enough to wipe every continent, or a big ass asteroid collision.

Cut the evil from the root.

Eh I still kind of wish that a well-tailored plague could just come down and eliminate all the males and unrepentant female cock addicts. I would love to taste a speck of freedom from them before I die, even for only an hour.

Me too, timoclea. Me too.

God is a sadist and he knows it. Nature was made to be cruel. It's all just simple really, women are bound by this never-ending cycle of abuse forever. All you can do is just stay celibate, stay ahead financially, possess some weapons, work then die. I think that's the best route. But the need to fornicate always lingers and it's best to ignore it and to not give in. Honestly asexuals have it the best lol.

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I was treated like a man so many times I developed male habits

People think just because my face looks like this I’ll be happy to endure any filth, dirt, rudeness, forgive everyone’s disgusting flaws and habits. And also that I’m into cars, video games and trashing other women.

I’m actually very neat and sensitive (at least was) but I developed a habit to behave like a man, cause otherwise I invite a lot of abuse.

For example I’m wearing male teenager clothes (I was getting especially despiteful looks from girls when wearing high heels, males laugh when I wear skirts etc.). I never ask for help cause everyone is highly annoyed when I do and just brushes me off. I never like men to the same amount I like girls cause males never forget to remind me with their behavior or words how they’re disgusted by me. Ofc I don’t talk about girly things or sex/relationships – me expressing my sexuality or whatever horrifies everyone. Some young unstable girls cling on me like leeches, expecting me to be a shepherd and a support in this scary world (till they find a husband instead).

Every time I show weakness or vulnerability as well as sensibility or kindness I get such a storm of contempt, abuse and exploitation I’m starting to doubt this a reality and not some matrix with animals in human forms.

This gender dysphoria has gone so far I can’t imagine myself being feminine; I can only be myself when dissociating, while reading, playing or hiking alone. My daydreams don’t even include people anymore cause I can’t imagine myself as someone who can be protected or treasured/loved. In conclusion - I'm not allowed to be a woman, but I can't exactly be a man either. No matter how good I mimick, when it's inconvenient for males they suddenly remember my sex and discard my opinions/my worth alltogether. Ntm I don't wanna be an aggressive dirty bad-smelling ape.

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Based af post on Ovarit: "The Silencing of Radical Feminism" about censorship of the "unappealing" corollaries of radical feminism, gencrit-centrism, and the Not-My-Nigel-ism provokes drama with the admins.

There is a worrying trend on Ovarit and in other “radfem” spaces of radical feminism being silenced. Whenever someone tries to initiate critical analysis and discussion on literally anything other than transgenderism, it’s immediately shot down with libfem tactics.

Radical feminism includes being critical of heterosexual marriage dynamics, PIV sex, the traditional family model, etc Some of you need that reminder

Those two simple sentences were enough to raise some hell. I got frustrated and told the commenters to stop projecting their narcissistic clit-measuring contest onto female liberation. Commenters were doing some Not My Nigel type shit and acting mad defensive. I told them that nobody is holding a gun to their head and forcing them into female separatism, which got many downvotes.

Radical feminism is about systems, not individuals, about systemic liberation not individual choice. If you are incapable of considering the bigger picture and thinking critically, then why are you even here? Why sign onto a radfem site if the mere mention of radical feminism sends you into a seething rage? Why participate on a feminist forum if you don’t even want to begin to acknowledge and analyze patriarchy?

If you want to continue wearing your heels and eyeliner and other feminine adornments without any second thought then that’s well within your right, if you love lipstick more than liberation then that is your choice.

Rant almost over. I know that Ovarit is not radfem only and I’m ok with that. It is, however, radfem run and oriented, and what I and many others on here are not ok with is radfems being censored and silenced and policed in a space made for and by us.

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I’m convinced most women who get married are psychopaths

A lot of the women I see with rings on their fingers aren’t even pretty or nice, or they’re fat.

I’m starting to think they’re all just abusers who found a stupid guy and destroyed his self esteem enough for him to want to be with her

Or they’re just rich and men married them because of that.

LMAO, I hope married women really abuse their husbands. Scrotes deserve only suffering.

Tfw I drag men all day with full intent to marry one and make big headed babies with no remorse.

BlackPillFeminism drags women like me and it is what I deserve.

I love love 🥺

A lot of the women I see with rings on their fingers aren’t even pretty


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RE: So, this is a weird question...but was anyone else convinced that they were a boy whose parents were raising them as a girl?


I'm not trans, I just was always paranoid. I stopped believing it when I went to sex ed, though.

As a kid born in the 80's, no. If girls wanted to do "boyish" things, then that was praised (just not when I did it. A good looking girl can do literally anything, but a bad looking should do literally nothing, except just go crawl under a rock somewhere).

It almost feels like it was a side goal for the LGB movement to break the traditional gender roles, hence why the new T addition seems to cause so much friction. It's reverting back to the really old ways.

I recall wondering intermittently about what it would be to be a male from ages 10 onwards, but by exactly age 18, I ceased such psychobabble in my head.

This entire trans movement has an eyeballing amount of lobbying and money behind it.

It is an eugenics program, and one that is homophobic and lesbian and gay conversation en mass. It is a sterilization program for the masses who are neurodivergent, non-heterosexual, and mentally ill. The life expectancy of these poor children will be so cut, they will perish "naturally" come their 30s and 40s.

It also has lobbying from ideologies that desire to roll back woman's sex based rights and also has been infiltrated by pedophiles. With a main side goal of reducing the minimum age of consent for obvious evil reasons.

It is all very criminal and I can only pray this global experiment ends and we can forge ahead with brighter lives.

Even criminal stats are becoming skewed. I understand womankind can sometimes birth outliers but the majority of crime and depraved crime is committed by men and men alone.

The old transvestites never would have attempted such things. They understood they were men and women biologically and just wanted to live their lives in peace.

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RE: I don't understand why it's women's job to liberate men and other things

The type of BS male liberation "males suffer from patriarchy too" crap you see on reddit is nothing more than males using feminist rhetoric against women. Because unfortunately mainstream feminism is very big on the "socialization is why males act bad" idea, meaning that now males can scapegoat society for how they behave. Nevermind that it's already male nature to do that, males externalize blame, unlike women, who internalize it. Allowing males to keep looking outside of their own primitive instinctual nature to find causes for their misbehaviour is a great way to maintain the status quo. The males have always done that, except now with this male lib BS they're changing it from "she wore a short skirt so she's to blame if I raped her" to "society places pressure on males to act masculine and sexual so society is to blame for the rape".

Both of those mean that unfair blame is yet again placed on women because humans can't accept their inherent nature as a violent ape, so that must mean violence is always the fault of external causes that can be fixed by a lot of talking and theorizing and educating. Which is done by women, of course. So as always throughout history, males wreck and destroy and it's women's responsibility to be kind nurturing caregivers and fix it, except this time it's labeled as feminism.

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I mentally dehumanize beautiful women

I don't take them as seriously. I cultivate a vendetta against them. I am not the tiktok e-stacy bluepilled dyed hair goth becky who is ferociously bisexual and likes sanrio. I'm bitter and if women are beautiful I usually instantly don't like them.

Yeah i can see where youre coming from. Im also bitter and jealous of beautiful women. But i try to remind myself the one truly responsible for all our suffering - beautiful or ugly. Our common enemy: men. If youre beautiful well you will have simps (often low value or even no value men so not even worthy), but there will also be as many men who think they have the right to touch ur body and openly disrespect u. Misogyny hits us all collectively ugly or not. And if youre ugly, well we’re already well acquainted with what this existence is like. We should really be hating on men. Its like the “dont hate the player hate the system”

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RE: Are We Seeing An Uprise Of The Female Incel? | Evie Magazine

I thought you all might be interested in this hot take about femcels in something called Evie Magazine.

"Female incels, or "femcels," as they are more widely known, couldn’t possibly hold more abhorrence towards the male gender, especially their incel subgroups. Instead of looking, or even considering positive alterations to themselves, a femcel will blame men for their lack of relationships and success in finding love; much like the incel, they hold little consciousness of their own motivations or shortfalls and could never even fathom a man they could love that wasn’t absolutely flawless – to the point of appearing alien."

The whole article is linked in the title

Tell us more about it, Stacy. All of their covers and articles have pictures of gorgeous women on display, they clearly know how much good looks matter so what is their contention exactly? They want to lecture us as if we didn't have an entire subreddit dedicated to looksmaxxing. Oh and guess what, femcels who have no interest in undergoing surgery and investing their money in bettering their appearance are just as valid. No one deserves to go through what we went and go through simply for not being eye candy, reducing it to dating problems misses the broader picture. Do the ladies at Evie think all we need to do is lose weight and wear makeup to look average? If that was the case, our forums wouldn't exist. Pick me garbage.

While we're at it, their magazine is just bland boring crap, they brand themselves as a female centric publication that's supposed to work for our benefit when in reality their whole shtick is 'retvrn' to tradition propaganda. The writing sucks too.

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Anyone Else Still Scared of Pretty Teenage Girls?

Any other adult women scared of teenage girls?

I'm in my late twenties but I recently went to a supermarket and had to shop in a section where there were high school girls loitering. They all seemed like Stacylites.

Shopping nearby them put me on edge and I couldn't shake the feeling they were watching me. They started laughing as I left the aisle, which doesn't necessarily mean they were laughing at me but it also doesn't rule it out either. ☠

Thank GOD for masks so they didn't see my goddamn face.

Teenage girls are major suifuel because they actually have time in their lives to make fun of you. They all also have phones so they can take creeper photos of you.

Adult normie women at least are busy so they ignore me for the most part.

Wouldn't say scared but seeing 14-16 year old girls who look more attractive and mature than me can be major suicidal fuel ngl. I'm 19 and can barely wear makeup meanwhile some middle schoolers can do a full face with no problems.

oh god absolutely yes. they seem to be wearing less and less, tighter and tighter which makes me sad as I used to be a mentor to them (mainly tWeens) in my past. and we all know who they do it for which breaks my heart because they will be continuously disapponted. anyways, i've had a girl call me a "bobblehead" right to my face and other things a bit more evil... it's crazy to be ushered into this place i wasn't prepared for. this place where i'm old, out of touch, single loser walking around my lonesome. they will be there in no time at all though.