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Men's natural inferiority


1. Have 80°C less peripheral vision than women. Guess who’ll survive a stealth attack?

3. Have less accurate sense of smell and literally every wild animal marks territory through scent of their urine. Guess who must have led stone age human nomadic tribes?

9. Are more hive-minded. Guess whose better suited for innovation?

11. Experience less sexual pleasure. The clit alone contains around twice the amount of nerve endings as the entire penis…so you can guess.

12. Are less likely to be team players. They try to outdo and minimize others generally as opposed to women who lift each other up.

15. Are total disasters when it comes to sensory deprivation tests.

All this …and everything other commentators have said.

Men aren’t made to survive.

Men aren’t as essential for the survival of the species as women are. So mother nature didn’t bless her sons with the skills to survive.

The only thing women created that didn’t serve humanity are men.

Males are nothing more than their flesh. You die first, because you are disposable meat meant to be sacrificed for the worthier population. You are meant to live and die for us, instead of us. We will outlive you and perhaps even feed on you if necessary. Your existence is inherently less meaningful and necessary than any woman. We survive drought and hunger, we survive diseases, our genetics are mostly immune to the horrific abnormalities caused by the lack of a second X chromosome. You will see men with disgustingly mutated and broken beyond belief bodies at a much higher rate than women. The death of a woman is a loss great enough to pose a treat of extinction to the primal community. God was created from our image. Man is a walking dildo at best. You are taller and meatier than us because you have nothing else to contribute. Now go on, carry rocks with those strong arms. Run with your long legs but don’t complain when you need to be disposed of.

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RE: Father/daughter incest happens 1/20 families and yet it's still so hard to believe : TwoXChromosomes

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Look at the comments.

Father/daughter incest happens 1/20 families and yet it's still so hard to believe

Daddy's girls are the worst and the most entitled women-hating crazies. Married men with daughters are the creepiest and have the least shame. Even if physical incest isn't happening there is almost always something weird going on. In many mamal species the mother chases the male away from the babies, suddenly animals don't look so irrational.

Here we go again with the handmaiden delusion of "raising boys better". Every generation of women gets assaulted by males but women always seem to think that they can mould their sons into better men. How is this a solution if every girl has been assaulted at some point in their life? Instead of saying it like it is; do not give birth to males, do not have sex with them, marry or date them or associate with them unless it is necessary. Why are women so myopic about their safety?

“We need to raise boys better” implies they’re the only ones that have ever tried & that women are responsible for what men do… because let’s be honest “we need to raise” is not about males, besides if the grown man already grew up in misogyny he won’t be able to teach anything better.. so again everything males do, was caused by mothers apparently, not y’know their biological need to be a menace to society

It has always been that women need to be the morally upright gender responsible for the upbringing of both males and females while clearly, all the men hold all the power. Deep down, males know that they are broken so they put the responsibility of making them right on women. The secret is out that's why they are running around like headless chickens desperate to revert us back to ignorance.

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Can you imagine a world without scrotes?

Yesterday when i was daydreaming,i thought about a world without men. Its crazy how 99% world problems are created by them. In a world without scrotes there would be: -No war -No Abuse, rape, trauma -No Pedophilia -No Rape culture -No destrution of nature -No sexual assault -No Sexual abuse/degradation -No animal cruelty -No Human trafficking -No abuse of woman and children -No violence -No catcalling/ Street harassment -No Motherhood cult -No overpopulation -No climate change -No oversexualization of everything -No racism -No Judgement (eating disorders, fat shaming...) -No objectification -No teen pregnancy -No grooming -No firearms -No nuclear weapons -No fear -No murder -No Poverty -No sex workers -No porn -No sadism -No Terrorism -No marriage -No divorce -No STD´s -No prisons -No ageism -No Colonization -No world hunger -No hierarchy -No misogyny -No forced marriages -No religions -No 3 world countries where woman dont have any rights -No discrimination -No feminism

-Woman could wear everything they wanted -Woman could travel everywhere alone -Woman could go out at night alone -Woman could have power -Woman could be free -Woman could do anything and be anything -Woman could be human

So i want to thank all handmaidens that had, have and will sons. Because of you there will never be world peace and this shit will suck forever. Fuck you.

I think the socio-economic, political and cultural environment scrotes created is the biggest thing that makes me stay on this site. I haven't been traumatised by them (based pakistani gender segregation.) I can always go WGTOW and avoid them. But I can never escape them. Male biology is there, telling me that there are five lights instead of four and that Big Brother is always watching me. They're creating the collapse that will kill third-worlders like me, creating the systems and religions that keep our countries in shitholes.

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Female Heterosexuality is a mental disorder (half joking, half not)

Disordered Emotions

Becoming irrational in the presence of men (to gain their approval)
Feeling bad for abusive men instead of their victims
Prioritizing the feelings of the male over his victims (ex. feeling sorry for the porn addicted moid instead of the various raped women)
Feeling personally attacked by radfeminism, lesbians, childfree women, and women who generally have thinking capacity
Giving into desires of men to escape the emotional burden of guilt when you stand your ground
Feeling intense fear, anxiety and hopelessness at the thought of not engaging romantically (sometimes even platonically) with men

Disordered Thinking

Inability to think critically
Glorification of pregnancy and motherhood (the two states that make women most vulnerable to male violence)
Believing that a male can ever become a woman
Believing in misogynistic religions for cope
Beliving that it is right and good for women to submit to men and men to dominate women

Disordered Behavior

Cutting off and disregarding female friendships to secure dick
Allowing daughters/sisters/friends to be sexually abused by a moid, and taking the side of the moid
Selling daughters into harmful practices for the benefit of males
Engaging in and supporting the objectification of self
Harming onself by being in a relationship with a man for fear of being alone
Forcing daughters to bear the brunt of household labor while the son sits around all day
Engaging in sex with men which has high risk of physical, emotional and sexual violence
Forcing women and girls to engage in such harmful practices
Birthing children when it is not affordable

Anti-Sex League Award

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Normalization of sex normalizes rape, sexual abuse etc. Agree or disagee and why?


Its an interesting point though I can't completely follow the argument.

Agreed. Unfortunately for us, morality is an abstract which gives too much leeway for moids to do whatever they want and to label it however they want. The moment people become "sex positive" then the lines between what is wrong and right are blurred. Moids who are using kinks as borderline abuse to kinkmaidens who are too oblivious to see.

Recently things that used to be adult movie plots are being used as an excuse to "spice up" the bedroom. Moids began demanding anal as a joke which turned into a meme about eating ass and now we are too deep into the cult because everyone drank the kool-aid of being hip. I mean I have seen it as a movie trope but people with a rape fetish have websites they can go to and book "surprise sex". We crossed the line a long time ago, not to be a prude but I think the only solution is celibacy, abstinence and staying the fuck away from men.

People think sexual desire is fun and normal when they got 99% of their sexual interests from an industry that wanted to harm women (and also produce as much as possible)

Not shaving was popular during the 70s. Then, as the porn industry got big, they realized it was more of a hassle to clean the various body fluids off of the actors hair when filming scenes. It could also obstruct the view of the ~action~ so porn girls started shaving everything, and other women followed suit. Same thing with blowjobs, they were used to humiliate the porn actress, now most women willingly humiliate themselves.

One thing women should remember is that porn didn't make men, but men made the porn.

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So when we are gonna acknowledge that women are the dumbest losers for bonding with men?

Why I never see radical feminists admitting that women just straight up live as sexual servants? We know men aren't good, we know it's all men, we know its a mans world, we know heterosexual relationships aren't equal But what we never see is women seeking to not engaging in their own oppression and not being materialistic and driven by the primitive urges We never see the female superiority besides lack of violence from women. They are more peaceful, they don't want a war but they want to lay under men living in service even tho it's abusive ungrateful traumatic. Why won't women ever live differently? They need to live under dick?

Why won't rf be about women going their own way and not bothering with engaging with men or the patriarchy physically There's no justification for anything heterosexual being done by supposed rfs Women act like they don't have souls, just as the creatures they supposedly hate

I'm convinced women wait for something magical to happen cause they really aren't onto just rejecting all this bullshit. They wait for men to save them, they wait for men to get fixed, Disgusting Didn't you serve enough already? You are as weak as men Stop preaching your disgusting slave life in rf spaces

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Male testaments that prison wasnt "so bad" trigger the fuck out of me

sometimes youll read about a guy saying that people were largely cordial in prison instead of proving the stereotype that men get raped there

Call this dark, but that pisses me off. Rape in prisons is the only evidence of karma in the universe

Males deserve to get raped by other males, not only when they did something bad, they just do. When a scrote gets raped his whole sexuality is fucked, he's now focused more on trauma than on wanting to fuck female children. It's good especially if he experienced it in his childhood, from the very beginning he is then less dangerous. Women are stupid symmetrists who empathize with male rape survivors, to them something is either bad for everyone or good, they don't realize that the fag who did it is an actual hero and he saved them by giving this random straight monster PTSD. Why would you feel bad for a raped moid? It's just... a gay rapist raped a potential straight rapist, or... a gay pedo raped a straight underage pedo, LOL. We know what they are.

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I can't believe the feminist movement is being attacked by men in dresses

I mean, of all fucking things.

Imagine if a white guy walked into a BLM rally wearing blackface demanding to be called "my nigga" and calling black women racist for not wanting to date him, and then proceeding on tearing down flags and assaulting and sending death treaths to people who don't take him seriously. He'd have his ass handed to him.

Can we at least try to be a bit more scary? If we can't scare off a bunch of mentally ill men in dresses how can we ever expect to fight the patriarchy?

I can’t believe it either. How can you take a good look at the average tranny and not laugh your ass off to begin with? Transwomen are clearly mentally ill, cross-dressing creeps, and women are simping hard for them catching themselves on fire to keep these delusional clowns warm. What a joke. I know women are self-sacrificing slaves for men, but there’s a line and this crosses it.

I wish women were more selfish, scary and violent, but we’re not and we’ll always be second class losers because of it. I wonder what annoying bullshit will happen next after men in dresses are done dominating and humiliating us. Female robots claiming they’re the real women? AI taking its chance to dominate us as well? The possibilities are endless when it comes to female humiliation and suffering.

Modern feminism became a meme the moment they let in anyone who could say the word "feminist". Feminism became the punchline to a joke that they use in conversations, they were allowed to say sexist shit and then mutter about being "very feminist btw". Now it is too late. You can barely mention women's health problems because "muh vagina" is not inclusive. You invite a clown, you call it a party but if you invite all the clowns it becomes a circus.

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So what is the future

What are we going to do? Is there even anything we can do? Have we given up and preparing to die with minimal damage to our soul and body (avoiding males and their slaves) and not bringing our daughters into it?

As individuals it depends on what our options are... For me I may become a nun one day just so I can live the rest of my days only among women without having to worry about males invading the community since most traditional religious institutions like the Catholic Church do not and probably will never bow down to TRA junk and accept the trans women are women garbage from TRAs...

As far as what we are going to do as a whole in the future... I think we should look for a way to reproduce without the male sex being involved. If parthenogenesis becomes possible for humans we can start deciding if keeping males around at all is worth it or not... Personally I think we would be better off without the great majority of them at least... Women need to wake up and stop birthing so many moids into this world... Especially ugly moids which the vast majority of moids end up becoming... 🤢🤮

that nun thing is pretty smart, nowadays even nursing homes for old women are filled with troons...

Ideally, make enough money to build a female only country with a military and create a bioweapon to eliminate males. Bioweapons are cheaper and easier to manage than nuclear weapons, so this can be achievable its just a matter of resources, team work and execution. Also, it will be a pity if I just die and not bring some males down with me.

I'm hoping in another five years or so some of the branches of the womyn's land movement will see the error in including men and I'll buy into one of those.


Women's communes. Unfortunately, the TIMs have infiltrated many of them.

I would love for a blackpilled to become a millionaire to raise funds for what she believes in. Millionaire moids do this a lot. Perhaps it would be possible in South Korea where the pessimistic, and separatist radfem is more popular.

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RE: Men are retarded

I mean, men are basically a support system for their broken chromosome, which is a parasitic program and dicks are a tool for its self-replication. Honestly, men's attempts at self-reflection and self-analysis will never not be funny to me. The fact that they are taken seriously at all is peak tragicomedy.

Based. The entire macro-behavior of males reflects the microscopic behavior of the Y chromosome. Once you start to see that, it's impossible to unsee.

Exactly, it's like Borg collective. A man as a system is effectively the Y-chromosome and its life support. He does what it prompts him to do. When he speaks - it speaks. Any woman who believes that a man is an individual with free will and not a program executing his imperative, is not looking close enough or is afraid to see it.


Damn this was haunting

explain, this sounds really intriguing

I could write a whole book about that, but surprisingly, the facts are easily available on Wikipedia. You can easily draw comparisons between the "behavior" of the Y chromosome and male behavior.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Y_chromosome - read the Origins and Evolution section, the entire thing is gold, and then compare it to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_chromosome#Humans - it clearly shows that females are genetically superior

The Y chromosome only cares about itself and its own propagation, not the whole genome (unlike the X chromosome).

The female is concerned with creating life, while the male is concerned with perpetuating himself. Sperm are insignificant, abundant, and cheap. The egg just waits there like a queen, because it's valuable and expensive. Macroscopically, the male is frustrated with his insignificance and dependence on a female to reproduce, but he also venerates the female because of how much he needs her - hence the creation of the love-hate, idolizing-demonizing, madonna-whore dichotomies in which males view females.

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Women generally try to cope with how imbalanced reality actually is by trying to pretend that women can be dangerous as men

Exactly. And they do this in every other way too. For instance, women take up a hobby like knitting and think that they are “equal“ to men because they have these female centered hobbies, meanwhile men get to enjoy hobbies like visiting prostitutes, where they get to feel real and complete power over another human being who services their every need sexually. And then men are pleased sexually in visual ways every moment of the day through mainstream media and just being out in public (bc the vast majority of women perform femininity), and yet women think nothing of this, or maybe osa xx make up a story in their head that women are beautiful and “I like looking at attractive women too” or some shit. To say nothing of pornography.

Women are so braindead retarded and unimaginative and lacking in theory of mind, and this explains why they’ve always been slaves and always will be, and they’re too unimaginative to even realize that they’re slaves, which is why there isn’t any hope of freeing them. You can’t free people who don’t even know that they’re fucking prisoners.

God that shit is so stupid it drives me up the wall. They seriously think that convincing themselves that they are some sort of pseudo bisexual who "like" looking at other women "because they're so pretty" is the same as a man naturally juiced up on testosterone and being raised in an environment that caters to his visual sexual stimuli

Exactly. That het partnered women don’t feel humiliated 24/7, even if they have some unicorn man who doesn’t use pornography, makes me feel so much utter contempt for them I want to ring their slag-whore necks. Men feel powerful, validated, as though their sexuality of utmost most importance by all of the objectified women in the media (and women performing femininity in public). It literally gives them a constant boost to their sense of self, confidence, sense of power, sense of value, etc.

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Men will always prefer basic bitches

DARK_SHADOWS - Theme from A Summer Place

as above

while we pick the most intelligent individuals, they pick the most dull, dumb bitches, because they would "take care of their kids and be a good mother", but the drawback is kids inherit low intelligence. this mechanism backfires

([deleted account])
That's why people are getting dumber every new generation. Tiktok influencers had to come from somewhere.

boo hoo does that make you sad little baby? sorry but this isn’t the femcel sub, get the fuck out of here. We fucking hate men and don’t wanna be picked by them, unlike your sorry- oppressor loving ass. Kindly fuck off :)

u dumb bye

LOL.... What, you wanna be picked sweetheart?

aw yes, everything now is a pickme allegation, women hate women, nothing new

Femcels, this blackpill sub is not a group therapy space for you to bash pretty women ‘Stacys and Beccas’ because you want cock. There’s already tons of forums like that. Stop expecting us to coddle your whittle cock worshipping feelings👍

who said anything about pretty women? I said basic. Bitch, can you even read.

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I know we hate androphillic women but I also hate lesbians who center men in their lives.

I used to be a religious viewer of a famous white lesbian couple (rose & rosie) but ever since they got a son I can't bear to watch it. The way they fawn and make him the center of attention. It disgusts me even more than androphillic women doing because my excuse for androphillic doing it is brain damage due to being coomed by testoids. But what excuse do these lesbians have? They are not fucking moids in anyway but still give their blood, sweat and energy on these pieces of shit exactly like androphillic women do.

Worst, now he has 2 women to feed on. He will grow up to be more depraved and entitled. Look at sons of boymom and how depraved and needy they are. We are truly fucking doomed if women who aren't fucking moids still are cucks for them.

Lesbians are only a porn category to moids, they shouldn't have children. It's one of the most fetishized groups of women, you shouldn't even admit to it if you're one. Their beloved little piece of shit son will sexualize them as well when he grows up and will find out what jerking off is. Even gays would be better to raise kids. If it's a girl, she'd have two father figures what wouldn't groom her to be a groomed emo teen, like in most straight relationships since scrotes don't care about their offspring. If it's a boy... heh, I don't care.

Bisexual women aren't real. They're straight women who grow up on a diet of woman fixated porn and movies. They're more straight than normal straight women - their perspective is so wrapped around what men want that they end up thinking they want it too.

Which means "Bisexual women" are just advanced cuckqueans. Pathetic how almost every woman nowadays thinks she's bisexual. Stacies think they're bisexual, average polyamory bitches think they're bisexual, stars think they're bisexual. I'm really starting to hate female body seeing that it arouses everyone.

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Reason #127642 of why I don't have any real female friendships


Separatism from moids: 👍🏼

Separatism from moids AND male loving bitches: 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

I refuse friendships with men bc, well... it's an obvious answer. But I also find I just can't befriend women either. I've tried over and over again but all women are male lovers/panderers in one way or another. I hate them too and dread being around them. It's not even an exaggeration, just sit back and observe how much these dumb women talk about moids in conversations.

I relate. I have no friends because women my age are all married slaves to their fat worthless husbands. I can't relate to that shit and I sure don't want to!

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It is better if everyone dies at once

I've seen many women proposing that if all males dropped dead, we would finally have peace. Well, after becoming blackpilled, I beg to differ.

Most women are fundamentally cock addicts. They base their entire worth and purpose on being around and worshipping males, so naturally they'd either sob endlessly for their moids being dead, or make it hell for the rest of us.

They relate so little to each other and to womanhood, they'd become extremely desoriented and unable to move on and at least try to rebuild things. Unlike males who would be just fine if all of us died altogether.

So the only solution to this hellhole is everyone dying at once. Like by a planet collision similar to Melancholia's, or a nuclear bomb vast enough to wipe every continent, or a big ass asteroid collision.

Cut the evil from the root.

Eh I still kind of wish that a well-tailored plague could just come down and eliminate all the males and unrepentant female cock addicts. I would love to taste a speck of freedom from them before I die, even for only an hour.

Me too, timoclea. Me too.

God is a sadist and he knows it. Nature was made to be cruel. It's all just simple really, women are bound by this never-ending cycle of abuse forever. All you can do is just stay celibate, stay ahead financially, possess some weapons, work then die. I think that's the best route. But the need to fornicate always lingers and it's best to ignore it and to not give in. Honestly asexuals have it the best lol.

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ABOUT SUB (BlackPillFeminism)

Misogyny, male violence and female pick-me behavior are biology. Equality is a lie. Feminism is a scam and failed movement. We are heading towards misogynist dystopia and there is nothing we can do about it. Take the blackpill, sit back and enjoy the ride to hell.

This is not a debate sub. Posters arguing against the basic premises of BPF will be banned.

No excuses for women who do stupid shit that hurts all women. We hold women accountable for their actions. We WILL say mean things about not just moids but also pick-mes, e-thots, tradthots etc. If this upset you, leave now.

BPF is doomerism + evolutionary biology. A pessimistic, un-PC space for women to talk about the things we are not allowed to say anywhere else.


Maryam_ #psycho #sexist thepinkpill.co


I hate the fact that women have to put 100% more effort to destroy men than vice versa I wish I could approach a man and beat. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Him. With 0% brainpower and effort.

I wish I could pull a r/pussypassdenied on a scrote. That's why I hate that sub. It takes them no effort to beat us. I hate them so much. I want to literally beat one black and blue.

That is all.

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RE: I don't understand why it's women's job to liberate men and other things

The type of BS male liberation "males suffer from patriarchy too" crap you see on reddit is nothing more than males using feminist rhetoric against women. Because unfortunately mainstream feminism is very big on the "socialization is why males act bad" idea, meaning that now males can scapegoat society for how they behave. Nevermind that it's already male nature to do that, males externalize blame, unlike women, who internalize it. Allowing males to keep looking outside of their own primitive instinctual nature to find causes for their misbehaviour is a great way to maintain the status quo. The males have always done that, except now with this male lib BS they're changing it from "she wore a short skirt so she's to blame if I raped her" to "society places pressure on males to act masculine and sexual so society is to blame for the rape".

Both of those mean that unfair blame is yet again placed on women because humans can't accept their inherent nature as a violent ape, so that must mean violence is always the fault of external causes that can be fixed by a lot of talking and theorizing and educating. Which is done by women, of course. So as always throughout history, males wreck and destroy and it's women's responsibility to be kind nurturing caregivers and fix it, except this time it's labeled as feminism.

Maryam_ #sexist thepinkpill.co

Honestly men are so deluded about their own shitiness it actually astounds me. It feels like theyre deliberately holding back, like theyre making a conscious decision to improve their reputation. I genuinely dont think they believe a word they utter when it comes to defending themselves but I have nearly never seen men admit basic reality. Even BPF occasionally calls women bitches and whores but men could be raped, tortured, have their whole family killed by their another man but theyd never decry the male sex. Its weird and tbh with pickmes pick-me-ing I sometimes end up having my doubts. Like am I living in a fucking stimulation or something? Am I cherry-picking shit? Statistically speaking I should see at least one guy with awareness? Where are they?

So when the glass cracks, just a little bit, its like a scream Ive been holding eventually gets released. The situation is so bad that Im still holding onto a single comment of a US soldier from fucking Iraq of all fucking people, on r/collapse in all fucking places, (basically a guy that should be 90% close to reality) telling a woman, "As a (blah blah blah) I have to admit that we as a sex are evil" (paraphrasing). Like... that is the only bout of self-awareness I can count in my hand. The other was a Pakistani guy who said that feminism should learn to incorporate violence. They are such unique cases that I still remember them wtf

Bijou #moonbat #psycho #sexist thepinkpill.co

Bet you bitches think the same of actual lesbians. Like we're just '' worthless, genetic dead ends who shouldn’t exist '' and funny how homophobia gets way more likes here than any other arguments against straigh men. You all are just straight women who are pissed off with men but love to hate on all homosexuals pretending to care about lesbians

Oh and before the mod thinks of deleting my post : I'm a women and an actual lesbian and not one of the straight women on here who pretends to be one just because they hate men

No, I don’t think lesbians are worthless, genetic dead ends. In fact, I think it would be better if all women were either bi or lesbian, so women wouldn’t be massive simping pick-mes for men.

I don’t know why you took this post so personally. Gay men can be toxic, sexist assholes as much as straight men, and we’re allowed talking about it here.

Also, I bash gay men on here more because I can’t talk about this stuff with anyone in real life. The only men my friends will throw under the bus is straight white guys, while completely ignoring how terrible all the other men are.

Realize there is no such thing as solidarity with men. you aren’t fighting the same fight. you sound like the woc who choose race over sex.

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I was treated like a man so many times I developed male habits

People think just because my face looks like this I’ll be happy to endure any filth, dirt, rudeness, forgive everyone’s disgusting flaws and habits. And also that I’m into cars, video games and trashing other women.

I’m actually very neat and sensitive (at least was) but I developed a habit to behave like a man, cause otherwise I invite a lot of abuse.

For example I’m wearing male teenager clothes (I was getting especially despiteful looks from girls when wearing high heels, males laugh when I wear skirts etc.). I never ask for help cause everyone is highly annoyed when I do and just brushes me off. I never like men to the same amount I like girls cause males never forget to remind me with their behavior or words how they’re disgusted by me. Ofc I don’t talk about girly things or sex/relationships – me expressing my sexuality or whatever horrifies everyone. Some young unstable girls cling on me like leeches, expecting me to be a shepherd and a support in this scary world (till they find a husband instead).

Every time I show weakness or vulnerability as well as sensibility or kindness I get such a storm of contempt, abuse and exploitation I’m starting to doubt this a reality and not some matrix with animals in human forms.

This gender dysphoria has gone so far I can’t imagine myself being feminine; I can only be myself when dissociating, while reading, playing or hiking alone. My daydreams don’t even include people anymore cause I can’t imagine myself as someone who can be protected or treasured/loved. In conclusion - I'm not allowed to be a woman, but I can't exactly be a man either. No matter how good I mimick, when it's inconvenient for males they suddenly remember my sex and discard my opinions/my worth alltogether. Ntm I don't wanna be an aggressive dirty bad-smelling ape.

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I’m convinced most women who get married are psychopaths

A lot of the women I see with rings on their fingers aren’t even pretty or nice, or they’re fat.

I’m starting to think they’re all just abusers who found a stupid guy and destroyed his self esteem enough for him to want to be with her

Or they’re just rich and men married them because of that.

LMAO, I hope married women really abuse their husbands. Scrotes deserve only suffering.

Tfw I drag men all day with full intent to marry one and make big headed babies with no remorse.

BlackPillFeminism drags women like me and it is what I deserve.

I love love 🥺

A lot of the women I see with rings on their fingers aren’t even pretty


Ilysa17 & Despair #psycho #sexist thepinkpill.co

RE: Do you see men as people?


It's hard for me to even see them as the same species. Males are violent, self-centered, and often animalistic. Every woman I know has experienced physical and sexual abuse from a man. They are disgusting pedophilic subhuman creatures with no morals. I hate thinking this way, but it's rare to hear about a genuinely good man.

I hope someday in the future that the radical feminists win and that we can keep the men in cages for their cum

Very good question. No, I don't. All of them, no matter looks or money are monsters. They don't have blood but sperm in their veins and arteries. They are all simps for a stacy. Even if they're die-hard misogynists, they will end up wanting her. Even if they're castrated, they would still do anything for an attractive girl. Moids don't like honest women, but at the same time they complain when a woman is lying. They would prefer a pickme but deep down no woman is like this, and then it shows. Being a pickme is just coping with living with moids, it's very annoying coping. Moids are just bad, they destroy families and everything what's good in life. They're pedos, heterosexual standards towards women are based on pedophilia. Almost every straight moid said some bullshit that 40% of gays are pedophiles, but almost all of them masturbated to a teen or wanted to groom a minor. The same animals talk about how they have it bad because of their "depression", suicides "problem" and how women don't have empathy (like moids have it to fellow pedo friends) because a certain stacy didn't care about them.

Nice Girl™ Award

Lover #elitist #psycho #racist #sexist thepinkpill.co

RE: r/BlackPeopleTwitter being misogynistic as hell as always

Honestly this is why I don't say "white men" when I talk about men being misogynistic anymore.

Lol not defending white moids, they were ethnic tier in the past century (though it seems like some ppl in the radfem community have forgotten)

But ethnic moids run some of the most miserable countries for women on earth. So I don't get why you were saying that in the first place. Unless you are part of the SJW hive stuck in 2013 politics. Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, El Salvador, DRC, etc.

Men of color proved again and again how misogynistic they are against women, especially women of color.

This is not news to us women of color who had to deal with them from day one. I am a gentle, actually cowardly person but I fcking want to literally kill all of my ethnic male relatives. They're pure scum. There is not one single good trait about ethnic moids. I would love to see all these South Asian moids swallowed up in an earthquake

"SJW hive stuck in 2013"

I was part of it

Ethnic men are simply white men without legal consequences for their actions

And who made it so there are legal consequences for people in white countries?

Some of the shit I see white men casually say online would make the peasants in my country get shocked

A lot of those posters are probably diaspora lmao trust me western ethnics are just so evil and depraved.

I doubt most of those posters are white

Vast majority is, because, you know, those posts are in english?

Western zoomers are almost majority ethnic. You really don't understand how prevalent ethnics are in major Western cities. In the UK, I might as well be in Pakistan or Nigeria.

We need to answer why white countries are "safer" but I don't think they will be safer for long. Or white anyway.

Some areas are like 80-90% non-white. Culture is dominated by ethnics, ethnic music and slang, not a single white thing is cool here. The age demographic that matters in London is definitely over 50% non-white.

And what do I perceive in the west? Women in niqabs shopping at my local mart for some fcking reason. Some of them are white I think. Wtf?

Angry #dunning-kruger #elitist #sexist thepinkpill.co

BBF thinks she knows ALL femcels thought processes…

At this point I don't see a big difference between femcels and incels. Both groups are resentful of women. Nine out of ten times, femcels are just sad that they are not objectified or degraded and can't be a sex toy. They don't care about male violence they are angry at pretty women not at men overall because women stole "their" mostly innocent boys. Femcels don't want to kill pretty women only because they don't have biological urges to kill like men do but they can be really hateful and jealous. Really most women's lives revolve around men and sex just like men's lives revolve around women and sex, women just don't want to fuck 24/7 like men. I am starting to think femcels are as delusional and disturbing as incels or even more...

How delusional. Like most Stacies and Beckies’ fuck even normies’ lives don’t also revolve around sex and male validation? Give me a fucking break. Most women are not any psychologically different in this regard. Also, most femcels were bullied by other women who are more attractive than them their whole lives so of course most will resent those women. On top of that, we may not be catcalled but we are also ostracized by men for not being attractive and made to feel as if we should just disappear. These bitches just want us to stay silent about our issues because they don’t to want believe that god, forbid, some women actually have it worse than them.

It proves that BPF cannot support itself without hating on somebody (preferably women), they spend every day calling all women pick-mes (all except BPF ofc), naturally submissive (except BPF), their defeatist mindset doesn’t give room for self-improvement, at least femcels have ascension to look forward to.

I agree with you entirely, at least most femcels actually can improve and are capable of possessing the mindset to find happiness. These bitches are just rotten to the core no matter what.

hunther & Woman15 #crackpot #moonbat #sexist thepinkpill.co

RE: How many males have raped?

All men are rapist. The one who havent rape think about rape or are afraid of the consequences. 99% of men have rape because we live in a world where women are threaten that they must fullfill their duty to give themselves to their husband so they their mongoloids dont end up cheating or she's to be blamed. Plenty of cultures do not recognise marital rape because rape is the most effective mating strategy for moids. And unfortunately 99% of women are married to their rape apes

Most studies dont take about married moids or the culture surrounding the the threats that are taught to us if we dont end up pleasing the moids in marriage.

Another reason all men are rapists is the selective breeding of women and our cattle status.

If women have been selectively bred to be men's slaves (I don't know one person who doesn't atleast acknowledge generational trauma) and are under global male control how is consent real? Hell, I've even heard of conservative politicians who've acknowledged that we're all a product of male rapism because if we were to make abortion illegal whose to stay any of us would be here (male incestual rapism can potentially be found in everyone's family tree).

Recall the metoo movement; some women felt that if there was a power differential at work then whatever happens between the two parties can't be said to be consent free and clear.

this is a great point, and it really illustrates the flimsiness of the consent model. if the mere existence of a power dynamic can put consent into question, then consent is ALWAYS IN QUESTION. particularly in heterosex where it can easily turn life-threatening.

You fucking get it.

We will never be equal so we will never be free and we're always in a position of vulnerablity. How is fucking slaves, bred to be slaves, ever not rape? If the circumstances of coercion is always present due to the inherent power imbalance of the sexes and sex based oppression...

timoclea #elitist #moonbat #sexist thepinkpill.co

Based af post on Ovarit: "The Silencing of Radical Feminism" about censorship of the "unappealing" corollaries of radical feminism, gencrit-centrism, and the Not-My-Nigel-ism provokes drama with the admins.

There is a worrying trend on Ovarit and in other “radfem” spaces of radical feminism being silenced. Whenever someone tries to initiate critical analysis and discussion on literally anything other than transgenderism, it’s immediately shot down with libfem tactics.

Radical feminism includes being critical of heterosexual marriage dynamics, PIV sex, the traditional family model, etc Some of you need that reminder

Those two simple sentences were enough to raise some hell. I got frustrated and told the commenters to stop projecting their narcissistic clit-measuring contest onto female liberation. Commenters were doing some Not My Nigel type shit and acting mad defensive. I told them that nobody is holding a gun to their head and forcing them into female separatism, which got many downvotes.

Radical feminism is about systems, not individuals, about systemic liberation not individual choice. If you are incapable of considering the bigger picture and thinking critically, then why are you even here? Why sign onto a radfem site if the mere mention of radical feminism sends you into a seething rage? Why participate on a feminist forum if you don’t even want to begin to acknowledge and analyze patriarchy?

If you want to continue wearing your heels and eyeliner and other feminine adornments without any second thought then that’s well within your right, if you love lipstick more than liberation then that is your choice.

Rant almost over. I know that Ovarit is not radfem only and I’m ok with that. It is, however, radfem run and oriented, and what I and many others on here are not ok with is radfems being censored and silenced and policed in a space made for and by us.

Bloom010 #moonbat #pratt #sexist thepinkpill.co

Men's True Nature

I feel during this time I realized men in general are depraved and just horrible on their own. I feel even with being raised that way they just are the way they are. I just feel so spit before and even now I thought a I would want to get into a relationship and get married and being so lonely and just wanting a companion. But I just feel I have a hatred for men as a whole now and it grows everyday. I am aware my experience with men are not one of the worse. But to be used and taken advantage of for years especially online I think impacted mentally. Now it would not make sense to get into a relationship because no matter who I am with I expect that they will mess up one way or another. I try to tell myself that the happiness of couples can be an illusion especially since its valentines day soon. But really my mind is still so spilt I feel I still crave for a relationship but I can't not be angry of how I've been treated and shown my whole time trying to talk to men that I am only worth it in the moment if I showed my body. I feel I will forever be bitter and die angry and alone. I have heard women say that they are happy when they stopped trying to date men and just went single. I want to be like that so bad but I feel I can never be that for I feel my own sexuality makes me feel miserable that I am attracted to the very gender that is the oppressor of women as a whole.

ilovethiswebsite #dunning-kruger #sexist thepinkpill.co

Why do straight women hate lesbians so much?

Straight women percieve lesbians as predatory because they are attracted to women.

Straight women can only concieve of attraction to women through a male-lens, and they subconsciously know how dangerous men are. They rely on the social structures that separate men and women to provide them a certain level of safety. Because they equate lesbianism to male sexuality, a lesbian to them is the same as a hidden male lurking and waiting to assault them.

Interestingly, straight women are more horrified at relatively rare cases of a lesbian assaulting another woman, than they are at the millions of straight men who rape and molest millions of women and girls every day.

Meanwhile they have an odd sense of comfort with gay men, even though gay men are extremely misogynist toward them and created whole subcultures on the basis of mocking straight women's commitment to what straight men demand of them (ex. Drag) Straight women somehow forget that gay men are men, and they are more than willing to use their male strength to beat a woman when she steps out of line.

Heterosexuality really is a disease lol.

I don't, so I tried to think from the perspective of my homophobic mother. Here are my observations:

Women generally try to cope with how imbalanced reality actually is by trying to pretend that women can be dangerous as men

Often you'd see women decrying female on male 'rape' and 'abuse' more than do, unless the men in question are trying to push an agenda.

It's a coping mechanism. This weird sort of thing where they convince themselves that the sexes are equal and hence try to apply it in terms of threat too. Its also really an attempt to distract themselves from how utterly strong and dangerous men really are; "women can be just as bad too!"

Interesting. Women make themselves feel better by how much they submit to men by pretending men's actions aren't inherent/exclusive to them. This makes them feel less stupid about how they endanger themselves daily because they convince themselves that the risk would be the same with women.

touchdeprivedandfine & sp4cel0ver #psycho #sexist thepinkpill.co

I mentally dehumanize beautiful women

I don't take them as seriously. I cultivate a vendetta against them. I am not the tiktok e-stacy bluepilled dyed hair goth becky who is ferociously bisexual and likes sanrio. I'm bitter and if women are beautiful I usually instantly don't like them.

Yeah i can see where youre coming from. Im also bitter and jealous of beautiful women. But i try to remind myself the one truly responsible for all our suffering - beautiful or ugly. Our common enemy: men. If youre beautiful well you will have simps (often low value or even no value men so not even worthy), but there will also be as many men who think they have the right to touch ur body and openly disrespect u. Misogyny hits us all collectively ugly or not. And if youre ugly, well we’re already well acquainted with what this existence is like. We should really be hating on men. Its like the “dont hate the player hate the system”

Lonelyloser & Angry #elitist #sexist thepinkpill.co

We have to start differentiating the difference between femcel and ugly women. Because as a ugly woman i do not relate to normie ugly women.

(Controversial opinion ahead)

In communities likes this i find likeminded women who also struggle with lookism but in real life i haven't met a ugly woman who didn't have one of those three things (1.Bullies other ugly/weird women, 2. Is a huge pickme misogynist, 3. Is bluepilled.) Which makes it hard for me to relate to them which makes me think that we shouldn't group all of us women together just because we are ugly.

Whenever I see a weird/ugly girl being bullied or made fun off by other girls and I check how the girls look like most of the time they just as ugly as her, proving my point. Weirdly enough I've been made fun of for the way that I look more by ugly or obese women than Stacy's.

I've kinda realized that there is no solidarity between women just because we are all ugly, so I do think we as femcels should start distancing/differentiating ourselves from just the ugly label, because even though we are ugly alot of us also suffer from ableism, classism, racism etc etc which normie ugly women do not relate to.

No fucking shit, it’s self projection lol I also think that a lot of women who put down femcels are ugly/fat themselves ngl

Yeah, from what I’ve seen a lot of femcels are WOC, nuerodivergent and/or poor. It would make sense for WOC to be made to feel ugly in comparison to white or East Asians, be ousted for having disabilities because they are easier targets, or not have the same opportunities because they are poor. Another things I’ve noticed is lot of us did also grow up in dysfunctional households which probably did shape our views on ourselves and life greatly.

Various Femcels #conspiracy #psycho #sexist thepinkpill.co

RE: Sick of beckies/low-tier Stacies joining femcel spaces

Im convinced they get some sick high from it .Making accounts to gawk like this is some fckin zoo or to lurk so they can justify being triggered at our "sELfLOaThING" and "WhINinG"🙄 You can never have enough validation or UgGo femcel tears i guess.Look forward to seeing more of them droppin in thanks to the articles being written and people with their superiority bs.

([deleted account])
They do get validation from it. Imagine how good it must make them feel to see girls getting rejected or treated like shit by men, while on the other hand these beckies have simps and orbiters and they never even got rejected by their crush once.

Spot fucking on. They have some twisted superiority complex to flaunt their pretty privilege. Makes me sick. I don't need a reminder that I've been forced to see men's real nature whereas they're still wearing their rose tinted glasses and finding love and comfort in men.

fucking exactly, holy shit femcels are literally fucking zoo animals to these normie bitches,

I wish they would fuck off out of spaces for femcels. They wont because its gets them attention. That's why don't bother with those pages on reddit. Yeah its annoying.

They know are attractive. They want to be most beautiful or hottest women in every room their in. Even though they would never say it when talking feminist issues beauty for women at every age is very important in our society. These young women know it. That's why even though they already have beauty privilege want it to the full max by being flawless gigistacy.

this is so fucking disrespectful

Imagine being such addicted to attention and validation, you intrude spaces meant for ugly women.

dumb whores tbh

[deleted account] #racist #sexist thepinkpill.co

RE: Where are you guys from?

A slavic country full of ugly, retarded and entitled moids.

So pretty much like every slavic country? Latvia and Lithuania are not any better either.

I guess every slavic country is a pathology because of moids in it. So many ugly boyos and every tries to date up.

I thought I'm just not into guys or asexual before I moved out for the first time because I didn't find men visually appealing at all. Turned out other countries actually have attractive men everywhere.

I remember when there was a trend on Twitter where girls would change their location on Tinder to a Western country and post screenshots. It was like, wait you're telling me men can be attractive and take care of their appearance...?

I don't even feel bad shitting on our men tbh cause they're on of the most sexist pricks second only after conservative Muslim men.

Slavic men are so fkn ugly it's unreal. I saw someone describe them as looking like 'potatoes pickled in vodka', and I have been using it to describe them ever since. I swear there's like only 4 attractive men in all of Slavic countries, total.

'potatoes pickled in vodka', lmao, that's a perfectly accurate description.

I'm surprised about the negative comments regarding eastern european men. I've tried dating apps and eastern europeans were way more nicer to me than the usual latinos I encounter.

I'm from one of the latin american countries with a white majority, so no typical olive skinned sexy latina look. Let me tell you, latino men are the most entitled of them all. And now that latin music is on trend, they think they're hot shit.

Eastern european moids were nice to you because you're not white. They really want some POC girl (exotic appearance & chance for dating up + they think you'll be a total submissive wife). So they simp hard. Meanwhile, they shit on women from their own countries calling them ugly with a potato face and stupid.

CatherineOfSienna #moonbat #sexist thepinkpill.co

RE: Are We Seeing An Uprise Of The Female Incel? | Evie Magazine

I thought you all might be interested in this hot take about femcels in something called Evie Magazine.

"Female incels, or "femcels," as they are more widely known, couldn’t possibly hold more abhorrence towards the male gender, especially their incel subgroups. Instead of looking, or even considering positive alterations to themselves, a femcel will blame men for their lack of relationships and success in finding love; much like the incel, they hold little consciousness of their own motivations or shortfalls and could never even fathom a man they could love that wasn’t absolutely flawless – to the point of appearing alien."

The whole article is linked in the title

Tell us more about it, Stacy. All of their covers and articles have pictures of gorgeous women on display, they clearly know how much good looks matter so what is their contention exactly? They want to lecture us as if we didn't have an entire subreddit dedicated to looksmaxxing. Oh and guess what, femcels who have no interest in undergoing surgery and investing their money in bettering their appearance are just as valid. No one deserves to go through what we went and go through simply for not being eye candy, reducing it to dating problems misses the broader picture. Do the ladies at Evie think all we need to do is lose weight and wear makeup to look average? If that was the case, our forums wouldn't exist. Pick me garbage.

While we're at it, their magazine is just bland boring crap, they brand themselves as a female centric publication that's supposed to work for our benefit when in reality their whole shtick is 'retvrn' to tradition propaganda. The writing sucks too.

Various Femcels #moonbat #sexist thepinkpill.co

Anyone Else Still Scared of Pretty Teenage Girls?

Any other adult women scared of teenage girls?

I'm in my late twenties but I recently went to a supermarket and had to shop in a section where there were high school girls loitering. They all seemed like Stacylites.

Shopping nearby them put me on edge and I couldn't shake the feeling they were watching me. They started laughing as I left the aisle, which doesn't necessarily mean they were laughing at me but it also doesn't rule it out either. ☠

Thank GOD for masks so they didn't see my goddamn face.

Teenage girls are major suifuel because they actually have time in their lives to make fun of you. They all also have phones so they can take creeper photos of you.

Adult normie women at least are busy so they ignore me for the most part.

Wouldn't say scared but seeing 14-16 year old girls who look more attractive and mature than me can be major suicidal fuel ngl. I'm 19 and can barely wear makeup meanwhile some middle schoolers can do a full face with no problems.

oh god absolutely yes. they seem to be wearing less and less, tighter and tighter which makes me sad as I used to be a mentor to them (mainly tWeens) in my past. and we all know who they do it for which breaks my heart because they will be continuously disapponted. anyways, i've had a girl call me a "bobblehead" right to my face and other things a bit more evil... it's crazy to be ushered into this place i wasn't prepared for. this place where i'm old, out of touch, single loser walking around my lonesome. they will be there in no time at all though.

fresauva & MeropeGaunt #racist #sexist thepinkpill.co

How do I warn other immigrant woman about "american men"

As part of the Latin community, I hear too often how they would love to come to America and meet an American man because they are better than whatever they have back at home. They think white american=higher income, higher morals, family-oriented man whos hard working and loyal waiting for the trad-like foreign goddess to start a family with...and we all know that this is far from the truth. Most likely they would meet a porn obsessed dude who looks at them like a porn fetish website category "latina" and even looks down on her for being brown (with the growth of incels into race theory it wouldn't be surprising)

Introduce them to 4Chan. No, seriously. I was attracted to white men when I was thirteen, and after 4Chan I currently don't see them as human. Other races besides my own, Indians and the Japanese have not provoked such a visceral response in me the way 4Chan thrashed around the reputation of white American men.

It was in these forums that I witnessed men discussing how latinas were "to have sex with" and white women to "marry with" and how we are good for a good time and nothing else.

My latina friends tried to marry white men, then realized the truth and are all married to latino men with full families and children.

As a Latin American woman, I know American men are full of shit. A lot of European men too. A lort of them come to live here, which is odd because we have lots of social and economical problems. They start talking to me, and I realize why they came: to have a good time. To party and do stupid shit they're not allowed to do back home. And to have sex, thinking we latinas are all "whores". They don't say it, but they attitude shows it. A couple of weeks ago a British man that lives here started talking to me and his entitled ass thought he knew more about the country I've been living in for almost thirty years, even my own town (!) than me.

Maryam_ #crackpot #dunning-kruger #elitist #moonbat #sexist thepinkpill.co

Why do men keep on having mental breakdowns over their version of the blackpill while women are apathetic to ours?

Ours is doomier and theres a lot to talk about, like, a lot to talk about in terms of general society and the world. Its like reaching enlightenment. Everything makes sense after blackpill feminism. Why does capitalism happen? Men. Wars? Men. Why do I have to wage-cuck my soul away? Men. What happens when we dont wage-cuck? Men. Since wage-cucking leads to climatic genocide, why do we wage-cuck? Men. Why am I depressed all the time? Men. Why am I in this planet? A man spawned me. I am a product of a mans seed. Fucking hell

Incel blackpill is such a boring ideology it makes me want to kill them for being retarded to something so obvious. Like... water. Shut the fuck up. Even the race theories men fucking love with their whole hearts are somewhat interesting though the moment you start to treat various type of caucasoids as different races altogether your ideology just sorta fucking dies at the gates lol.

And yet... men have a stronger reaction to their blackpill than women do for our blackpill. Both are technically just "water is wet" tier but men have mental breakdowns and go on shooting sprees at the thought of women possessing eyes. Shooting sprees, suicidal thoughts, creating incel forums... is male lust really that much of a problem for men?

Like... you should have known your place from the beginning. El em ay oh. You should have always known this. The bigger blackpill is the realization that you didnt know this. The actual blackpill is the fact that men were not aware that they were supposed to be good-looking, and that the female dating pool is filled with people that cant even get the basics of attraction right. Thats insane. Thats fucking crazy. Thats how little we are as women. Men cant even do the basics for us.

The male blackpill is so remedible too. Get plastic surgery, you egotistical smegshit. Thats it. How the fuck are women supposed to plastic surgery men into becoming better people for the benefit of humanity?

quartzlump & Foresthills #conspiracy #crackpot #sexist #transphobia thepinkpill.co

RE: So, this is a weird question...but was anyone else convinced that they were a boy whose parents were raising them as a girl?


I'm not trans, I just was always paranoid. I stopped believing it when I went to sex ed, though.

As a kid born in the 80's, no. If girls wanted to do "boyish" things, then that was praised (just not when I did it. A good looking girl can do literally anything, but a bad looking should do literally nothing, except just go crawl under a rock somewhere).

It almost feels like it was a side goal for the LGB movement to break the traditional gender roles, hence why the new T addition seems to cause so much friction. It's reverting back to the really old ways.

I recall wondering intermittently about what it would be to be a male from ages 10 onwards, but by exactly age 18, I ceased such psychobabble in my head.

This entire trans movement has an eyeballing amount of lobbying and money behind it.

It is an eugenics program, and one that is homophobic and lesbian and gay conversation en mass. It is a sterilization program for the masses who are neurodivergent, non-heterosexual, and mentally ill. The life expectancy of these poor children will be so cut, they will perish "naturally" come their 30s and 40s.

It also has lobbying from ideologies that desire to roll back woman's sex based rights and also has been infiltrated by pedophiles. With a main side goal of reducing the minimum age of consent for obvious evil reasons.

It is all very criminal and I can only pray this global experiment ends and we can forge ahead with brighter lives.

Even criminal stats are becoming skewed. I understand womankind can sometimes birth outliers but the majority of crime and depraved crime is committed by men and men alone.

The old transvestites never would have attempted such things. They understood they were men and women biologically and just wanted to live their lives in peace.

Various Femcels #dunning-kruger #psycho #racist #sexist thepinkpill.co

Monkeypox is About to Prove TruFemcels Was Right All Along

The jokes and memes already started. People who wouldn't take COVID seriously are not messing with monkeypox.

Why? The disfiguring lesions which sometimes create awful scars ruin appearance. People not even focused on the bubbles being so painful they are being treated with narcotics

Suddenly all the bullshit about looks are out the door. Lethal or not, people understand how looking bad will make you a pariah. They instinctively understand the severe ramifications and ostracization.

The Live Laugh Love queens of toxic positivity arent comforted by "men will fuck anything" because what? People are mean to those who are ugly?

Who woulda thunk.

Pay attention the next few weeks. You couldn't see COVID as easily so these people didnt give a shit who died

Lets see what the sentiment around this outbreak tells us

Blame these slutty men for spreading this disgusting disease.

Humanity is a whole joke most people are more afraid of the bubbles that can go away with treatment and only leave simple scars than the actual virus and its horrible symptoms and pain 💀

As an aside, learning that monkeypox has to be treated with narcotics makes me want to vomit. Because Native Americans had to undergo mass smallpox after Eurosettlers came to their lands...

Disturbing. I hope climate change gets rid of the non-natives on the continents.

Femina #crackpot #sexist thepinkpill.co

The great majority of male specimens of Homo Sapiens are so ugly IT HURTS!

Don't know how there are so many women that want those scrotes inside of them! 🤢🤮

Seriously how did our species end up like this? : https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/UglyGuyHotWife

In most other species it is the male that is typically the beautiful one... The females tend to be pretty plain in comparison... Just look at Lions, Peafowls, various species of bird and fish etc...

It is always the male that is the most radiant one so he can attract female attention... It is not the females that try attracting male attention with their looks so why did our species invert this and made the males the plain ones and the females the better looking ones?

Is it just grooming or are there genetic factors that makes scrotes much uglier than women on average? It really makes NO SENSE that so many women will use their looks to compete with each other over who gets to suck the dick of some gross looking scrote first... 🤮

I read somewhere that the more rapist a species is the uglier the males look… checks out

Please share a link if you find it again!

I heard women are much more picky about the looks of their mates now than they were before when women had little to no rights and no options other than marriage with a scrote to live a comfortable life...

That's one of the reasons why there are so many more Incels in the modern day world than before haha... XD It is also the reason why there are so many angry MRAs around and why some of them want women to lose rights... XD

Scrotes are realizing just how little desirable to women they actually are now that fewer and fewer women depend on them for a comfortable life! 😂 Hopefully the newer generations of males born from the few desirable males that get to mate with women now will look better than the ones from past generations...