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If he looked like a chad then she wouldnt feel the same way about him; If a 6'1, 9/10 faced version of him had the same goofy shoes and baggy clothes, she would feel completely different. How a woman interprets a man's character mostly depends on his physical appearance, particularly the aspects that he cannot control. Women are honestly shallow af.

You just dont belong unless you look good. That's seriously how most women think, its why so many of them paint their faces on a regular basis. All they care about is looks, everything else is superfluous as far as they are concerned. Looks: The difference between being an awkward creepy neckbeard or a shy mysterious sexy guy; the difference between being a confident capable leader or an overcompensating insecure loser. While personality is often enough for a man to breakthrough and have meaningful and respectful relationships with other men, it rarely breaksthrough with women because they care about looks/status so much. Most women value men as status accessories, and today a huge part of that is increasingly a matter of physical appearance; The less she feels associating with a man's looks will improve her own social standing, the less she will feel able to respect him. Women are crazy.



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