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We didn't kill Brianna Ghey, and you're awfully quiet about Dana Rivers

For those who don’t know, a young man calling himself Brianna Ghey was murdered in the United Kingdom this month. Because he claimed to be a girl, he is unusually visible for a murdered boy of no special social status. I can’t help thinking that the indoctrination of toxic masculinity must be powerful indeed in that we are not seeing so-called “male to female transition” attain the epidemic levels of so-called “female to male transition” since it seems to be the only way to get the public to care about male victims of violent crime, including murder and rape, but give it time I suppose.

Predictably, the woman-hating establishment in the UK and elsewhere are bending over backwards to blame JK Rowling and various other UK feminists for Brianna’s death rather than baying after the 15-year-old boy and girl who are actually accused. This is status quo for them. Don’t go after the actual abusers and killers of people calling themselves trans; blame random women who said some words that none of those abusers and killers listen to anyway because they usually abuse normal women and girls too.


If I sound insensitive about the murder of a sixteen-year-old it’s because I am. I’m not going to start caring about this shit until teenage boys and grown men start respecting the realities of girls and women, and I’m done being told who to care about by the same assholes who have not one single solitary word to say about the dozens of women and girls killed daily in the UK and USA.


Wait, but right. They were all murdered by a “trans woman,” and “trans women” can do whatever they want. I forgot.

So none of this language I’ve been hearing from trans rights activists about how men can be women just like black women can be women, about how lesbians must accept dick or else they’re bigots and — oh — how all the TERFs who kept “trans women” out of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival all those years were just garbage who deserved to die in a fire… None of that had anything to do with the behavior of Dana Rivers, right? The fact that he used to protest at Michfest, now, that was just a coincidence.



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