Various commenters #transphobia

Woman gets called a transphobe for not wanting to share a bed with a TIM

(mathlover )
Why is this surprising? It was an opportunity for a "trans" man to coercively rape a woman. Or at least get off sexually. Is there any doubt that he would have been masturbating next to her in bed if she was able to rebuff outright rape? Or that he probably did masturbate, while sniffing the sheets, after she left the bed.

Everything these men do is easily interpreted and understood once you realize that everything they do is motivated by getting off and violating women to do so.

( Bolero )

The last, transmisogyny, is a combination of sexism and transphobia applied to trans women. Generally it involves seeing us as more dangerous than other women

Reality is a TERF, yet again

( no- )
Right? Why would they be more safe than other men? They're the same picture. And they know men are more dangerous than women because that's the excuse they use to demand access to female spaces.

( hmimperialtortie )
Imo they are more dangerous than other men.

( ErikaMart )
I'd share a bed with a normal strange man before a TIM I'm not joking

( butchplease )
If I have to choose between the man who's pushing himself into my spaces and the man who isn't, guess which one I'm taking.

( no- )
That's the thing about TIMs, they have a way of making other men look decent in comparison.

( XX_Power )
Statistically they're even more dangerous than other men! The crossdressers especially love rape and pedophilia if we go by incarceration data.



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