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Emma Hilton claps back at AC. People clapped (for real this time)

( n3847 )
Our "goals"? Making mentally ill people seek the help they need and accept who they are instead of guzzling hormones, doing unnecessary surgeries, and living lives of hypersexual and in some cases, sexual predation? Protecting women from males who lack boundaries and may seek to harm them? Defeating the patriarchy? Yes, those are our goals.

I love how they act like these women are Al-Qaeda 2.0. POTTER MAGIC LADY LIKE BIN LADEN!

( cousinanger )
Women are not allowed to set any boundaries themselves. Saying NO to anything trans activists demand is always, always, always the same as wanting transgender people to be annihilated or somehow causes totally unrelated violent people to attack them. Always our fault, isn't it?

That is the gaslighting I can't take anymore. Not having boundaries is psychologically unhealthy, but despite decades of feminists writing about women's rights to have such boundaries and to defend them, I see so many tweets and other online comments yelling at women who do calmly state their boundaries. And all the Karening! And the demands for silence. Mary Beard's book about how women have never been really allowed to speak in the public sphere for themselves is still an important one.

( femlez34 )
I mean, I think boundary crossing is the entire point for AGPs, that's what their kink is. If we don't let them cross our boundaries and make ourselves available to be abused by them then they really won't exist anymore, they'll drop the fishnets and go find some other weird sexual fixation.

The AGPs have almost total control over the trans movement and they've convinced a lot of the very young, homosexual TIPs that everyone is out to get them so that they stay engaged in trans activism (the goal of which is always conveniently to give AGPs access to their targets, it's never something practical to help TIFs or the HSTS males pushed into prostitution). They also know that young gay TIPs are a more palatable face for the movement.

( ComplicatedSpirit )

Women are not allowed to set any boundaries themselves.

Now that doesn’t make any sense, that sounds like how men behave and we’re talking about TRAs! ….wait…..



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