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( @Catturd )
These Twitter employees whining about losing their jobs today sure didn’t give AF as millions of Conservative accounts were unfairly banned, some with huge accounts that made their livelihood here.

They thought it was funny.

Therefore, my give a Damn’s busted.

( @Poposlowpo )
@Catturd Unfortunately for these employees…there’s not a big demand for toxic Marxist baggage outside of Twitter.

( @Presidentpedro )
@Catturd they also weren't whining when people got fired from their jobs for not taking the jab that they were promoting

( @Vonzander )
@Catturd I not only have zero fucks to give...

I hope every single shitcanned Twitter employee ends up homeless and drug addicted...

You know...

Before the clot shot kills them in their sleep...

I want them to suffer...

( @Ropemaker )
@Vonzander @Catturd I don't want them to die in their sleep. They should die from VAIDS induced pneumonia misdiagnosed as Covid19. They should lay in a hospital bed with a ventilator shoved down their throats, helpless on paralytics while the Remdesivir the hospital gets $$$ to push slowly shuts down their kidneys and they drown in their own fluids, while being ignored by dimwitted diversity nurses who DGAF about anything but taking selfies and FB Live-ing on they sailfoams.

( @Apalachicola )
@Catturd a stronger argument would be that they were the ones enabling and promoting the COVID lies, which killed the livelihoods of millions across the world.



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