FranticTyping #sexist

That’s fucked. I’m underage, you think until I’m of age (assuming I then decide to have sex) I’m inherently a failure?

lol, nobody gives a shit about teenagers, kid. You are completely missing the point. Even if you get laid as a teenager, if you can't get laid as an adult, that says a lot about you. Nothing good . You will understand in ten years. If not, you will understand in twenty years. Either way, life will make you understand.

You’re beyond pathetic. You reek of “virgin who’s projecting because you feel embarrassed about it” despite the fact that normal people don’t care.

I'm sorry, but it was obvious from the first comment that you are a teenager incredibly embarrassed about being a virgin. "Virgin who pretends it is a choice", basically. You are still young, so you have no reason to obsess over something so simple. The point isn't to get laid, the point is to be able to get laid.

That has nothing to do with being a virgin. You can still have productive relationships with people without having sex.

That misses the point entirely. The fidgety loser virgin is not the one pulling in six figures with a cushy job managing people, and he definitely isn't the CEO. Even if he is pulling in the big bucks, his social life, relationships, and state of mind will be the furthest thing from enviable. Likeable people are the ones that go far in life. Getting laid is one of the bare-minimum things a normal, socially tolerable person can do. I'm sorry, but the average virgin is not a temporarily embarrassed social butterfly that is suddenly going to flourish the day they pick up a 34 year old single mother.



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