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Well.. not sure how you argue with that.
I support killing potential babies that the mother does not consent to for any reason because it’s her choice to do so.

In the next sentence, until the baby can survive outside the body, it’s not a living being.

So which is it? Potential? Baby that just doesn’t matter? I mean, at least it’s consistent. They know what it is, they just think it should be able to die. Anytime, any reason 😎

there is no potential baby, the baby already exists.

Yeah but they don’t care, baby, potential baby, it doesn’t matter. Anytime. Any reason. Only thing we can do now is vote. It took months to find a consistent group of PCers who acknowledge it is human life but also just don’t care. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not but don’t know where to go from here on the argument because you can’t change a person with that viewpoint.

They want to rub their naughty bits together and not deal with the consequences; they'll rationalize their way through any argument you throw at them.

By his logic, any kid that can't survive in this world on his/her own should be killed. Guess what? No little kid can survive on their own without outside help.

Actually nobody can survive without outside help. Even if you are an adult you still need outside help. You need people to grow at create the food you buy so you don’t starve to death. You need doctors so you have help if you develop some medical condition that could possibly kill you. You need social interaction so you don’t go insane and kill yourself.

I gave up lol. They believe in 40 week abortions. They are firmly “you are not obligated to my body” and I just don’t think you can combat that at all outside of voting.

Well, 1-yr olds living outside the womb can’t support themselves either. Is it okay to kill them?

I don't care if a fetus is fully formed or not. A child is not even "fully formed". They are human beings. That's what matters. And I doubt these ppl believe in full bodily autonomy. They rarely do. Were they forcing masks and vaxxes on ppl for the last 2 year?



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