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Common IT arguments addressed #3

"Look at this ugly guy with a hot wife, this is proof that females don't all care about looks. Even your father reproduced bro, that means you can!"

Nobody is denying that if we waited until our 30s and got a good job, we could potentially have a platonic relationship with a female not sexually attracted to us. Most wives aren't sexually attracted to their husbands, since most males aren't sexually attractive to females. Them having kids doesn't mean that the wife initiates sex often with the husband out of biological attraction, it just means that she felt obligated to have sex a few times to maintain the illusion of a relationship. Marriages are mostly financial unions only romantic in name, we are not interested in a relationship with a female not interested in us sexually and only interested in our resources and occasional company. Mutual sexual/physical attraction is what makes a relationship valid, without this, its merely an over-glorified friendship.

"My husband earns less money than me, and he isn't conventionally attractive"

Even if he earns less money, he is still contributing his income towards you and keeping you company. Even if you "care about him", you still demonize him for making sexual advances and reluctantly have obligatory sex with him once a month. If a genetically attractive male becomes available, you may desire to act on your biological instinct and dump your husband or cheat on him. If an attractive male does become available and you choose to stay with your husband, congratulations. Remain unhappy and keep pretending your "sexual attraction" towards your husband isn't a lie.

I never understood the point in cherry picking.

People win the lottery too but that sure as hell isn't a viable way to solve your financial issues.

Its not even cherry picking at all when the examples they use are ultimately false.

If/when feminism removes the remaining monogamous/patriarchal social practices of society, females will no longer need to hide their true feelings and will congregate to fuck the top percentile males.



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