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For those with power moving their chess pieces with coordination is key to victory. Define Pawns.

Q asserted that the general populace is viewed as SHEEP/PAWNS to be sacrificed. Some of them are emotionally unstable and pushed into terrorism.

To coordinate this goal of sacrifice bluntly would be illegal or at the very least would cause the person who said it to be ostracized for being evil.

This is why Symbols are used.

Symbols transform basic communications into a business where risk is transferred downstream. The person with money and power says something inconspicuous, but with the cipher applied it’s understood as directions to perform a task. The one that desires something from the powerful person takes on that task for rewards.

The crucial point of the system it’s visible while being hidden.

Hundreds of years ago they used church’s to coordinate.

Just like now it worked downstream. Rothschild -> Pope -> to eventually the local church’s downstream, and church still play’s a role today, at no point are chess pieces given up willingly.

And this is the same as today.

Every new form of media as it was invented has been integrated into the system. Way back to the telegraph.

In time we had Weathermen giving incorrect forecasts most of the time, because the point of talking about rain and storms is quite different when you know elemental comms

I’ve decoded TV shows that act as promotions for the MK Ultra coordinator lifestyle, that with symbolism they promote the idea to comms aware parents that if they sacrifice one of their children to hell then another of their children, that participates in the brainwashing, their remaining child (and themselves) will get a little piece of heaven.

It’s a system that corrupts as it expands, because you don’t get a voice if you don’t pay the admission fee. That fee can be a child, and that act of sacrificing your own children and/or sheep you herd for a church is not a new idea.