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Odin attunement from the All father AESir. Many people on planet Earth have no clue that the gods are actually real beings who are are in existence. What is quite interesting is that the MCU has cornered the market on fantasizing the existence of these very real beings. Galighticus is proud to Acknowledge the power of these Celestial and magnificent beings. We have been showing and proving their existence for the past 8 years solid. We are happy to show for the very 1st time to an open audience the proof that not only are the gods real, but here are the testimonies from some of the people who have actually met the old father himself. We hope that you will enjoy and accept The reality of the gods, for they Predate us by millions and some by billions of years of our time. We will also offer the Odin attunement to all those who desire to have a connection with his power.

Please be advised:

Once this service is purchased, you will be emailed further instructions when your name is approached on the list of recipients waiting to receive the Attunements. You may be placed on a 2-3 month waiting list depending on scheduling availability. We thank you for your patience!

There are no refunds for any orders. Only store credit will be issued.

Procedure: The client will receive a remote attunement from SRI Master Gano Grills. This means that you can receive the attunement from the comfort of your home. An instructional email will follow your purchase when your name is approached on the list which normally takes 1-2 months.

Once the attunement enters the body and the directions are followed, certain things may occur including visions, ancestral visitation, spontaneous healing etc. or you may not feel anything at the time of the attunement. However, it is working through your body and consciousness and will show up in your life in a variety of ways.

<$900 or flexible payment plan available>

Master Teacher, Shaman and High Priest SRI Master Gano Grills #crackpot #magick #ufo #mammon services.galighticus.com

Baldr Kronos


Baldr is a powerful Norse God of Asgaard.
Kronos is a God that creates time.
This program represents the highest echelon of my teachings and powers.
The powers have been coalescing in my beingness for the past 40 years and I?ve had to mature into their fullest faculty.

This program is strictly for the advanced.The sacred SEQUENCE OF POWER technology will be taught in full to all members. The members have been selected before their birth, and will be drawn into this programme on sight. the SEQUENCE OF POWER technology will not be given to regular humans until the year 2018. This will distribute major cosmic power into the hands of the the common terrestris being. There will 25 SOPs in all given to the aspirant. Know that simply your interest in this program is enough to alter your destiny forever.

Many mysteries that we are not even aware of exist within the Absolutem{boundless universes} Those mysteries are exactly how worlds and realities are created. No man who is unenlightened could fathom those depths or heights. Therefore an induction into the mystery school has been resurrected within this program. I have been a high priest in these schools for eons and eons.

I am an awakener of the mentally dead. The testimonies from around the worlds, that is correct, WORLDS, prove this.

Once one is enlightened to what reality truly is, life takes on a new imperative of ultimate purpose and magic.

There will be only 144 members inducted into this programme before it closes forever.

Master Teacher, Shaman and High Priest SRI Master Gano Grills #crackpot #magick #ufo #mammon services.galighticus.com

Ready to pursue enlightenment? Are you seeing the ascension codes of 444,555,1111,333,1234, your birthdate, etc? These codes are being transmitted directly to you as an invitation to the Galighticus studentship program. The world's 1st and ONLY true ascension doorway, created by the GODS themselves. The level one program lasts for 12 months. You will work at Multidimensional levels of self, that will begin your transformation from Earthbound being into an unbound Divine being. This will make you much more aware than you are now. Your dreams will change. You will also draw the attention of the Gods, Arch Angels, and Exalted Beings who have blessed me with the template of this program, to bring it onto this dimension from higher versions of Myself. These powerful beings can only be described as NOT human. They are gods, which are the first children of the Grand Prime CREATOR of all things known and UNKNOWABLE. These beings will watch your development and bless you along the way. The awakening is beyond the ability of what words can convey. Nothing in this world can come anywhere close to comparing. This is the reason why when Buddha got a nanosecond glimpse of that world; it was enough to drive him to become enlightened in multiple lifetimes, not just one.
Consciousness expansion comes with power that has its own latent faculties. Consider the Prophet Solomon and his abilities to speak directly with and to the forces of Mother Nature (NTR]. Or the powers that my cosmic boss, Lord Thoth/Tehuti had, that allowed him to direct the world-renowned pantheon of gods that ancient Egypt is known for. There have been so many higher beings who volunteered to come to this world and educate humans on what is REAL. For the truth as it is will stagger and challenge EVERYTHING you have ever been taught, or believe is true. This program will safely, ephemerally ease you into that reality in a manner meant NOT to shock you.

Studentship Programme of Ascension

$2,500.00 – $5,000.00