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You’re listening to occult symbolism and pop culture. I am your host, Isaac Weishaupt. Today we’re going to discuss the movie called Pinocchio now we’re talking about the 2022. Netflix, directed by Guillermo. Guillermo del Toro and we’re going to the movie. It’s it’s illuminate, confirm 100 It’s the the Luciferian, Illuminati global religion they want for you, children where they want to take us, and it’s all displayed massive revelation of the method Geppetto making a homunculus from maybe the blood sacrifice of His own Son Carlo, we don’t know. We’re gonna cover these ideas. We’re going to talk about the sun god, the Assyrian mysteries of Babylon with the dying and resurrecting God, Osiris. We’re gonna talk about creating a magical homunculus from alchemy. And when we wrap up, we’re going to talk about the not so secret message the director Guillermo del Toro had for all the parents out there, he revealed the truth in plain sight. But before we get into that film, we’re going to talk about the 1940 animated Disney classic of Pinocchio.
And then there’s a par word Jiminy Cricket. He’s singing When you wish upon a star. Geppetto sees one he wishes on that star for Pinocchio to be a boy. Now someone somewhere, told me that the star in Pinocchio is actually the star if serious I was not able to verify that anywhere. I looked around. I didn’t see that anywhere. And if that if it was of course, that would be a huge deal. That’d be a Major key alert. Because Sirius is the star of occultism. It’s the blazing star of Freemasonry and it goes on On and on and on. We’ve talked about it many times.
And then of course, the director is Guillermo del Toro Delta, of course, meaning the bull. AKA Moloch, the daddy of child sacrifice. Now, I don’t think I don’t think Mr. del Toro chose his name to be that but just ironic, right?

Isaac Weishaupt #conspiracy illuminatiwatcher.com

Hello and welcome back to IlluminatiWatcher.com! I’m your host, Isaac Weishaupt, and we’re going to take a look at the phenomenon known as Pokemon—


If you’re like me then you aren’t quite sure what this is. I had to read around several articles online before coming to my conclusion that Pokemon is merely another tool of the Illuminati and the occult—

Pokemon is translated as “Pocket Monsters” and it was introduced to us in the mid-1990s. It has remained popular ever since, and the release of the Pokemon Go app boosted its popularity to unbelievable heights as users search for these monsters with their smart phones (and news media outlets fear mongered us into believing that it will inevitably lead to getting robbed or hit by a car, as these things have indeed happened to a few players).


The Pokemon are basically a collection of monsters that players can use to fight one another. The list of monsters reads like the list of 72 demons from the Goetia; all with various powers and abilities that the player can strengthen in order to become a stronger competitor. The whole purpose is to train your Pokemon to become stronger in their abilities and evolve into more powerful monsters.

One such example is Haunter; a ghost with the ability to levitate and haunt others. Its more evolved form is Gengar which has more attributions one would find with an actual ghost (e.g. lowering the temperature around itself and laying curses on others).

What I find curious about these few “ghost” Pokemon is that they are all the color purple. This color represents the “Mauve Zone”- an area where one can find the hidden demons of qlippoth in the shadow realm on the dark side of the Kabbalah Tree of Life—

The Mauve Zone is described in Kenneth Grant’s Beyond the Mauve Zone in terms of contacting other worldly entities with supernatural powers:

Access to the Mauve Zone has been facilitated in more recent times by the use of magical systems developed by occultists such as Austin Osman Spare and Aleister Crowley, both of whom established contact with inter-dimensional entities possessed of transhuman knowledge and power. Both systems involve the use of sexual magick to open hidden gates that have remained sealed for centuries.

Indeed, upon further inspection of the other worldly Pokemon known as Gengar, we find it to be described as one of the “Shadow” Pokemon—


Other controversial characters of Pokemon are the monsters known as Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam. The Evangelical Christians raised a fuss about these characters, and though I typically try to keep a level head and avoid siding with over-paranoia; I’ve got to say they may be correct! Hear me out—

The characters were intended to be introduced as Hocus and Pocus; but were changed to Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam in honor of the spell incantation (as per Wikipedia). Those of you that read SACRIFICE: MAGIC BEHIND THE MIC already know that Abracadabra is part of the occult belief of shaping the universe to the practitioner’s will (fulfilling the desires of Aleister Crowley, Paulo Coelho, The Secret, etc.):

Given the importance of wordplay in the rap genre, it shouldn’t be that much of a stretch of the imagination to think that musicians are using actual magic to create their art. Art in and of itself is magic because you’re creating something out of nothing. The term Abracadabra has Aramaic roots and literally means “as I speak; I create.”

It’s a magical belief system that projects an illusion and makes the viewer believe it, which makes it a reality. It’s no different than the concept of the media or entertainment industry repeating a false theme (e.g. an illusion) to the viewers until it becomes an accepted “reality.” You see pharmaceutical companies pushing advertising of new ailments until you believe it affects you. They are making something out of nothing: abracadabra.

Abracadabra is a term used by witches and magicians alike; with origins of praise to the gnostic deity known as Abraxas (as per Texe Marrs’ Codex Magica) and early physicians used to use it for healing powers; which is of no surprise since the beginning of the Hypocratic Oath starts out with talk of swearing to Apollo and other pagan deities.

So we find that Pokemon employs this same practice here with these three linked characters. They have the expected supernatural abilities such as ESP, teleportation, and other psychic abilities. In fact, it turns out that magician Uri Geller sued Nintendo over these characters because he believed them to be modeled after him with his “supernatural” powers to bend spoons with the mind!

Looking at the actual characters we can see symbols that suggest they may indeed be occult in origin.

The lines on Kadabra’s chest appear to look like the lightning bolts of the Nazi party’s S.S. Schutzstaffel, which could link us into the lightning symbolism of Lucifer; the fallen angel.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen entertainment geared towards children that uses magic and lightning bolt symbolism—

Another explanation for these lines are that they are actually waves taken from the Zener cards used to test one’s mental powers. Zener cards are part of the Spiritualism movement that sought to unite scientific principles with religion through parapsychology- and many figures who have delved into occult ideas have played a part in this movement (e.g. Carl Jung).

In the opening sequence of Ghostbusters we see Bill Murray’s character testing out psychic abilities with the use of Zener cards (even more precisely- the waves card that we see on Kadabra).

The red star is also an occult symbol when you consider that the Communist movement is tied into occult desires such as the destruction of religion and the increasing influence of government (e.g. New World Order). The red star symbolizes Communism, but it could very well be the symbol of Lucifer; the blazing star and recipient of adoration from occult groups.

You’ll also recall how the highly occult-connected Charles Manson and Family murders took out Sharon Tate who was infamously known for her racy photo shoot in which she wore the red star of Lucifer (*note that she was tragically murdered after the release of Rosemary’s Baby– a film about a satanic cult that sought to create Crowley’s “moon child” demon through sex magic rituals; AND Tate was originally supposed to play the role of the mother of the demon spawn):


So it appears the purpose of the Pokemon phenomenon (especially Pokemon Go) is to make contact with these monsters. These entities can then be used for their powers and they have a mutual contract with the player/magician.

In fact, the lyrics to the Pokemon song support this type of idea:

Pokemon, (gotta catch them all) a heart so true
Our courage will pull us through
You teach me and I’ll teach you
(Po-ke-mon) Gotta catch ’em all

This contract between the monster and the practitioner is no different than what we’ve seen from ceremonial magicians such as Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons who attempted to contact various spirits and entities in order to learn from them. In fact, all of Crowley’s Thelema religion is derived from his contact with the spirit known as Aiwass!

“Teach me and I’ll teach you” is indeed the axiom of any good occultist magician—


Similar to other superhero tales we are being spoon fed; the concept of Evolution plays a crucial role in Pokemon. The entire game is built upon first making contact with these monsters and then trapping them (which would be conducted by the magician as they trap the entity in a magic-triangle). After they trap them, they must train them and make them evolve into the next higher powered character.

They lyrics to the Pokemon theme song also support this kind of thinking:

I will travel across the land,
Searching far and wide.
Each Pokemon to understand
The power that’s inside

This is one of the biggest aspects of occultism in the early 2000s as we are bombarded with various ideas and themes of evolution in our entertainment. We are being conditioned to accept the idea that mankind can evolve into beings with supernatural powers.

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Kanye gave Jay-Z a gold skull for Father’s Day apparently??— Odd. The skull ran him around $34K. He flew it in via private jet with a courier. Does anyone else find all of this strange? I don’t think I’m TOO quick to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon but I feel that this really stinks of one.
Skulls hold a special place for these Illuminati types. Everyone know the association the skull and crossbones has with the secret societies (Skull and Bones) and also the crystal skulls discussed on Ancient Aliens. In fact, just recently I posted about Alex Jones and his mini-protest of the Memphis pyramid and how they found a crystal skull that had been strategically placed in its apex (http://illuminatiwatcher.com/?p=2626). Skulls have also been seen in several music videos including Florence + The Machine’s “No Light No Light” (http://illuminatiwatcher.com/?p=120).
The skull could symbolize death in this instance, which would explain why Kanye gave it to Jay-Z for a “Father’s Day” present because Hova would’ve gave Kanye new life by the death and destruction of Kanye’s former self and molding him into a top selling artist.
To add to the theory; the skull is made of gold, which is indicative of Illuminati obsession. They’ve obsessed with gold because it symbolizes the sun. Ancient Alien theorists claim that the Annunaki came from another planet and built human beings for the purpose of mining gold, which held a certain amount of significance to the aliens. These aliens interbred with some of the women and created a hybrid bloodline, which is arguably David Icke’s shapeshifters who would go on to form groups like the Illuminati. The obsession with gold has been handed down through the centuries as seen in Egyptian cultures, the Golden Fleece in the Greek mythology, African religions, and especially in the South Americas. The Aztecs said it was literally a product of the gods.

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