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You’re listening to occult symbolism and pop culture. I am your host, Isaac Weishaupt. Today we’re going to discuss the movie called Pinocchio now we’re talking about the 2022. Netflix, directed by Guillermo. Guillermo del Toro and we’re going to the movie. It’s it’s illuminate, confirm 100 It’s the the Luciferian, Illuminati global religion they want for you, children where they want to take us, and it’s all displayed massive revelation of the method Geppetto making a homunculus from maybe the blood sacrifice of His own Son Carlo, we don’t know. We’re gonna cover these ideas. We’re going to talk about the sun god, the Assyrian mysteries of Babylon with the dying and resurrecting God, Osiris. We’re gonna talk about creating a magical homunculus from alchemy. And when we wrap up, we’re going to talk about the not so secret message the director Guillermo del Toro had for all the parents out there, he revealed the truth in plain sight. But before we get into that film, we’re going to talk about the 1940 animated Disney classic of Pinocchio.
And then there’s a par word Jiminy Cricket. He’s singing When you wish upon a star. Geppetto sees one he wishes on that star for Pinocchio to be a boy. Now someone somewhere, told me that the star in Pinocchio is actually the star if serious I was not able to verify that anywhere. I looked around. I didn’t see that anywhere. And if that if it was of course, that would be a huge deal. That’d be a Major key alert. Because Sirius is the star of occultism. It’s the blazing star of Freemasonry and it goes on On and on and on. We’ve talked about it many times.
And then of course, the director is Guillermo del Toro Delta, of course, meaning the bull. AKA Moloch, the daddy of child sacrifice. Now, I don’t think I don’t think Mr. del Toro chose his name to be that but just ironic, right?



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