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Over the years I’ve been able to pick up more and more about the truth about the corporation of the the United States of America and the cabal banking cartel. With that I was able to understand more about our natural common law rights under god and of course the idea of that we are operating under specific laws like maritime law and how we were sold to the cabal bankers to pay off a debt that can never be repaid because of the way our monetary system currently works. The more you dig into this, the more you can see what is REALLY going on and happening in the world. You’ll begin to notice events are never a coincidence with these psychos, there is always a part to play with anything that seems unrelated. Some of this information is fantastic news to finally hear and understand, some of it will outright piss you off. But I’m going to start gather sources of information that can help you understand NESARA/GESARA, The Constitution and the QFS… from it’s past, present and where it’s heading into the future. A lot of this information woke me up further to the importance of understanding this information so I know it will benefit many who take the time to listen to this information below.

There is a lot information here, but if you want to understand the next level of what is happening in the world, there is no other way other than to learn this information. Afterwards everything else you learn or read about in the news will have new layers to it you never saw before. You’ll be able to read between the lines and decipher the words being used against you. This is similar to dehypnotising yourself and disengaging with certain reactions you may have towards what is happening in the world. It’s all a game and it continues up a chain of command that many believe enters into a world of non-human entities and AI intelligence’s. Seems odd, but the more you understand about this the more you’ll start to see what others have been pointing out for a long time now.

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