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The COVID vaxx has been the Trojan Horse to lay the groundwork for the Transhumanism occult trap, body-snatching, and soul-harvesting via this mass inoculation by hyper-dimensional occult forces and soratic spirits working through their puppet big pharma scientists and useful idiots in media and government.
In this article, we'll go deeper into the adverse spiritual/metaphysical consequences of the COVID jab and how it ties into Transhumanism as we enter Pluto in Aquarius, as everything will intensify.

We'll look at it from an occult level in light of the hyperdimensional manipulation of humanity, how it relates to the end-days of Atlantis, ancient Egypt, collective Karma, the splitting of humanity, the danger of a "New Fall of Humanity" resulting in disintegration, destruction, and the necessity to repeat the cycle, and more.
Regarding the "solution," I've said it many times before, and it becomes ever more apparent, even as a reminder to myself:

The Great Work of soul embodiment and deep psycho/spiritual work to find the truth of your Being to anchor the Divine Force within as a transducer for Divine Will is the most important work and task over the next 20 years before the window closes during this Time of Transition, not just for you but for humanity.

Soul Embodiment IS the antidote to the Soul Harvesting Agenda...

Many are called.

Few choose to answer the call.

Too many are still distracted by the shadows on the wall via externalizing everything and not seeing the deeper and larger lessons in light of the evolution of consciousness.
But don't underestimate what is at stake, either. We have work to do, for this is a battle over our souls, literally, but rejoice as the spiritual warrior you came here for in service to the Divine. You signed up for this a long time ago. See it as a magnificent opportunity for a real Awakening.

Remember your mission and, most importantly, remember yourSelf.

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