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Hello World! Welcome to A-MAN-ZON

Hello World! Welcome to A-MAN-ZON, THE politically incorrect store for MEN.

If you are a man who is sick and tired of being told what you can not say and can not do for “fear” you will “offend” someone while everyone else has no problems at all calling you all sorts of names and offending you? This is the place to be!

Over the last few months I have heard many many say “I wish there were some way to fight back against all this political correctness”.

Well? There is. You stop spending your money with people who promote “political correctness”. You stop spending your money with mangina, white-knight, women worshiping men who will throw other men under the bus as soon as look at them.

Stop spending your money with men who openly support and condone women committing crimes against men.

Stop spending your money with men who will sell products and services to men and then take that money and give it to women to spend on lawyers in the divorce courts until the man is so harassed and so broke that he decides to kill himself like Robin Williams did this week.

And the FIRST such man-hating, mangina, white-knight, sexist, discriminatory, bigot that I recommend men stop spending money with is Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos is one of the worlds biggest man-hating, mangina, white-knight, sexist, discriminatory, bigots.

Jeff Bezos openly employs tens of thousands of women who have committed crimes against fathers in divorce courts. He is completely un-apologetic about that.

If some man in Jeff Bezos employ made a harmless joke about a woman Jeff Bezos would make sure that man is fired. But if some woman goes in to the family law courts and commits perjury to use the criminal cartel of the family law courts to steal from the man, to steal his children, to steal his house, to steal his future income? Jeff Bezos will handsomely reward her with some flexible time off and emotional support by her colleagues so that she can more easily criminally persecute the man.

Further, if a MAN in the employ of Jeff Bezos is criminally attacked and victimised by a woman in the divorce courts and he does so little as “complain” that he is being criminally victimised by the family law courts? Jeff Bezos will see to it that man is fired.

Jeff Bezos is such a man-hating, mangina, white-knight, sexist, discriminatory, bigot that even though he employs tens of thousands of people he has NEVER come out and stated his opinion as to whether his employees should have the equal protection of the law. He has NEVER come out and made any statement about what his companies policy is when people in his employ commit crimes.

For this lack of statement, this man-hatred, I propose that the FIRST business that men who are FED UP with all this political correctness rebel against and undermine is the business that Jeff Bezos started. Amazon.

So I have created A-MAN-ZON. Short for A MAN ZONE.

A-MAN-ZON is a place where men can buy and sell their products and services where “political correctness” and it’s close brother “cultural marxism” are banned. No one gets to tell anyone else what they can do or what they can say around here. As long as you are not causing anyone else injury, harm and loss? What you buy and sell here is ok.

And no. A woman saying “I feel upset” is not “injury, harm or loss” in A MAN ZONE. Women are welcome to not look at what we are doing lest their delicate sensibilities be offended. This is why we have WO-MAN-ZON. A safe and separate place for those women who are such delicate petals that they can be “upset” by what they see on a computer screen. Of course, those “good women” who are “man enough” not to be “offended” by other peoples opinions are absolutely welcome here as buyers! #WomenAgainstFeminism are welcome to be buyers of products and services here.

All those who wish to tell other people what they can do, what they can say? All those who want to pay out their hard earned money on products and services that will then be used to attack other men and destroy their lives by criminal women in criminal family courts? By all means, buy your products and services from the man-hater Jeff Bezos.

Every man who spends money with the man-hater Jeff Bezos is a gender traitor who is supporting the war against men.

So…if you want to send a message to Jeff Bezos? If you want to send a message to the other men who run large companies who so thrive on promoting the hatred of men to sell things to women?

Buy from: A-MAN-ZON. THE politically incorrect store for MEN.



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