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[RageFuel] The amount of times a sexually active male your age has had sex by now

Let's say that he lost his virginity at 16 and had sex just once a week since then. That's 52 a year and it's a low number. Someone who has a good sexual life does it several times a day in his youth or at last 4 times a week so 208 times a year. At the age of 22 that translates to 312 for a low number and 1248 for a decent number. And there are surely young sexually attractive males with higher lay counts out there.

If you are older and I am you are looking at much higher numbers than this. By 28 624-2496 . Even 600 is a rage inducing number but four digit numbers are maddening. You go through life coping that you are not missing out that much but in reality you are missing out on incredible amount of pleasure and validation.

Have a friend that started about 15 and had 3 diferent girls every week. how many cooming into girls uterus at this point ? we are 30+ now? I've not misset much, IVE MISSED TOO MUCH

:feelsree: That's why I hate women. They go through their life having sex thousands of times in their youth, mocking and shaming us but still expect mercy and compassion.

If I saw one of them bleeding on the ground after being run over by a car I would have pretended I saw nothing and walked away.

If you are a virgin past 20 the odds of suddenly recovering and becoming successful with women are almost no existent with each year added being another nail in the door preventing you from escaping this misery. A door with 20 nails is so fortified that only an ogre can break through and on the other side all the food has already spoiled by now.



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