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The question is how to make people proud of their White heritage.

If our people need someone to tell them to be proud and not hate themselves, what's the point? really? The other groups don't hate themselves nor could all the propaganda in the world convince them to.

Whites are the ONLY race which hates themselves. [Obviously, not all Whites, but waaaaay too many.]

However, most nonwhites do not bash their ancestors like whites do. (never heard blacks rip on Malcolm X, never heard Mexicans rip on Pancho Villa, never heard Chinese rip on their ancestors, etc). most nonwhites do not say "Hey, our neighborhood is 'too mexican/too black/too arab/too chinese." Nonwhite women defend their nonwhite men and demand their nonwhite men be proud of their race. Nonwhites do not try to ruin anothher nonwhite person's life for being 'racist' or hating white people. Nonwhites do not spend their free time or money helping out whites. Nonwhites, if they felt attacked as a race, would unite against whatever threat it was unlike whites who go "i'm not racist, I'm human, I dont see color, i'm better than my ancestors, blah blah blah"

I especially see this self-hatred when I was at college recently. My classmates were mostly all whites and I would hear them rip on whites for 'white privilege' I heard whites openly praise Malcolm X (who called us devils) I heard these whites praise the whites being killed in South Africa. I heard these whites make anti-white comments even when the discussion at hand had nothing at all to do with race. It's almost as if black militants have possessed a great many whites in America and Western Europe. I heard white professors openly say to Hispanics in our classroom "let's speak spanish so we can make fun of these white people" I have seen whites, when a black is around, making self-degrading anti white comments like "we white men can't dance"

The only whites I can attest who are proud of being white, proud of their ancestors are Eastern Europeans, Southern Europeans (italians, greeks). Maybe Irish and Scottish are proud of who they are, but that might be to jump on how 'oppressive' the British Empire was. I dunno. But yes, this level of self-hatred among whites is shocking, disappointing at the same time. If their survival instincts have not kicked in by now, they won't.

How do we expect to save the West when the majority of young whites hate themselves and do not care about preserving what our ancestors built? I say America and Western Europe, maybe espect for Austria or Denmark or Norway, are done for.



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