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RE: What is the pro life stance on rape?

Rape exceptions are mainstream as a pro-life view. I don't agree with rape exceptions, but many of us do.

I understand why you might think that not allowing abortion for rape is a bad thing, but ultimately, to me, you are killing a human being for what their one parent did. That's not right, even though the pain of the situation is entirely understandable.

Nevertheless, even a rape exception would be an improvement over current pro-choice positions, but it's not one that would sit well with me.

Wrong but willing to give it up because it's still a net profit of 900k babies that don't die.

I'm not saying we shouldn't aim for it but having an exception for rape has a higher chance of being passed as a law

I believe people are equal at all stages of life. We don’t kill people because they were conceived of rape after they are born so why would we do it before they are born?

That being said I am okay with abortion exceptions in laws if it means we get to ban the majority of all other abortions.

If a child gets pregnant this would fall under medical exception.

anyone who would kill a child to appease others is a monster, simple as. rapists are scum, but a child shouldnt be killed as punishment. anyone who is "pro-life" except in cases of rape aren't pro life.



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