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ok i agree that natural law dictates to be more adapted to nature (like the native tribes once) .
but those tribes were children in their innocence .
capt cook found them everywhere friendly + hospitable . he only was killed by misunderstanding. but today we are no more under natural
law . we are today under the law of trickiness, insidiousnes, falseness, greediness, evil in
all forms and i only agree with some words of jesus : WHAT FOR WHEN YOU WIN ALL THE
WORLD BUT TAKE DAMAGE TO YOUR SOUL + let the children come to me . I despise to
adapt to the insidiousnes of the jews to learn more insidiousnes from them . an other thing
are the booty of the so called victorious over the conquered : there is not only material booty
and also science, patents, knowhow (looted by the jewinfested british+ USA) but also booty
of insidiousnes like : THE GESTAPO LEARNED FROM NKWD + polish spys INSIDIOUSNES +.
from JEWISH WORLDCONGRESS. later OAS/CIA learned more INSIDIOUSNES from GESTAPO + KGB : from them all learned the MOSSAD much more INSIDIOUSNES and today is master
of INSIDIOUSNES . and what are the results ? today they are all (CIA;FBI;MI6,MOSSAD;FSB)
WORLD KEEPING EVERY MAFIA INTO THE SHADOW : every man today generating a child
in this world is a moraly perverted criminal ! WITH ALL THIS INSIDIOUSNES THIS WORLD
WILL GO INTO THE ABYSS ! this was also thinking of REAGANS most dangerous man



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