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My face was just blown clean off watching this channel for the past few hours. I was well aware of the theory that so many of these supposed “rock cut” megalithic buildings around the world were in fact the remains of VERY ancient petrified buildings. But to now realize just how many of them were not only originally built of wood and were covered by mud and then the ocean, leaving them calcified and petrified, but even more shockingly, how these “pyramids” that we see in Mesoamerica especially, have actually been completely rebuilt by modern archeologists and were not originally pyramids at all. Instead they are all the collapsed remains of huge buildings, some even as large as skyscrapers, with only the top protruding from the ground in modern times! When a building collapses, the sides slide off, leaving a pyramidal shaped point. So when they were uncovered, they were rebuilt by its discoverers to look how they thought it originally looked. Ancient human cultures like the Aztec and Maya also rediscovered these ruins and rebuilt and utilized them the same way we do today.



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