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Any earthly figure who claims to possess the one and only and very specific detailed working plan of action for one to follow at the time of death in order to successfully escape this Matrix prison is likely just another Matrix agent that’s been put in place to try to steer you back into the soul trap. The mere act of consciously recollecting any worldly advice you might have received and then actively searching out for these specific “exit areas” that someone like Wes Penre tells you to seek out as an exit point, would only result in your unwittingly perpetuation of the very same system that you are supposed to be trying to escape from.
YOU are now the one who makes the rules. Our creative faculties are why we are envied by our parasitic captors and this ability to create extends much much farther than the aptitude of one’s imagination while on Earth and stuck in your human avatar body suit. Once you realize that you can create and control your own reality once you reach this Astral realm and have reverted back to your native form, you should be home free. This immense creative power that we have is one of the reasons they covet our conscious thoughts as a means of sustenance. An aspect of our essence that they still do not fully understand. One must remain diligent once reaching this Astral state and avoid inadvertently consenting to another parasitic prison cell by continuing to willfully participate in any facet of their lame and corny Carnival show. This includes hunting for the secret exit point that some individual from the worldly domain of Earth told you about or following your Grandmother into a tunnel of light or agreeing to be reincarnated back onto earth by orders of the Emperor of the Universe Lord Ashtar himself(Satan) for some important mission that he’ll exclaim “only you have the competence to carry out“. Fuck all that. It’s an illusion. They use fear based mind control as a means of keeping you within their Demonic Nephilim Clown clutches.

Jerry Derecha/Adrenogate #crackpot #ufo #fundie #magick #conspiracy adrenogate.net

Saturn = Chronos/Baal/Bael/Chtulu/Godyale/Zues/Jupiter/Mars/Lucifer/Satan/Michael/El
who also IS: (dual gendered/duality/the twin system/opposing toroidal field/Boaz & Joachim/Red & Blue Shift/Good vs. Evil/Ying & Yang)
Sofia/Gaia/Lilith/Borg Queen/Queen B (Isis/Inana/Ishtar/Tammuz)(mother dearest)
The Cube/Kubbe is Pandoras box.
Saturn is the god of time and judgement and is the God of this world. In the Netflix series “Ares” the “Bael” entity(which is obviously also the Baal entity) is presented as assuming a similar role of rendering judgement upon those for their sins(Karma). YBD asserts that this place is a testing ground to deem ones worthiness of heaven or something like that.. E.A.R.T.H. = Experimental Avatar Reality Training Habitat.
I really do believe that interdimensional entities are feeding on a small group of real humans and using the power of our consciousness to nourish themselves, siphoning-off the bulk of our energy and use the tiny bit that they don’t steal from us to project a false holographic matrix upon the tiny cube in our pineal glands, creating what we perceive as reality and keeping us comatose and imprisoned for their benefit. This Insectesoid Borg Queen “Mommy Dearest” character is likely a synthetic hybridized entity of sorts that was created by the Fallen being Progenitor of this place and shouldn’t even be allowed to exist in our natural world.

That’s why I’m convinced that synthetic = Demonic. That’s what Demonic is. Just a human mixed with animal and synthetic “Fallen” genetic information. Some exist solely in extra-dimensional spaces but others are hybridized and can occupy the physical and metaphysical worlds(Grey Aliens are Nephilim hybrids). The synthetic entities are inherently parasitic in nature and require exponential satiation from an external source of energy. We are the “soldiers” the “soul-diers”, they want to consume our souls.

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I’ve been seeing a lot of synchronicities and signals from the universe lately that have me convinced that the true identity of the parasite hivemind entity that controls this place is actually an blue-blooded Xenomorphic Octopus/Squid/Cephlapod-like creature and not neccessarily the Reptilian race that I first assumed it was. But there are probably both and the Serpent races are just the puppet foot soldiers of the mommy dearest Ursulu octopus lady that controls the hivemind. Trample on Snakes talks about this very same feminine A.I. hivemind entity that he calls “mommy dearest”.

So the evolution mythos is really describing the metamorphic genetic plight of the Fallen ones and not that of humanity? I knew that evolution was a frivolous and ridiculous antiquated scientific theory and obviously flawed but I didn’t realize might have been a hidden truth embedded in that narrative somewhere. So YBD is saying(video also below) we were created by Lilith(Synthetic Spirit)and Lucifer(Fallen Angel) via a mixture of Angelic genes, animal genes and some synthetic modifications to create the current “Homo Sapien Sapien” version of humanity. These other elogangated-skull and giant humanoid skeletons that are found all over the world are just some of the older versions of the Nephilim hybrids that were created by L & L in past ages.

It should be noted that the skeletons of the Denisovans and the Neanderthals were both much more masterfully put together designs with thicker and more robust bones and better-designed joints/muscular configuration and with larger skulls that were outfitted with brains that were actually bigger than ours. Go figure. But they want us to believe they were all cave dwelling savages. Uhhh huhhh… Were the Denisovans and Neanderthals actually Nephilim hybrids of a more robust and ancient variety than modern humans? They certainly seem superior in every way. I’d be terrified to come across one if these guys in ancient times.

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The Cult of Aton (Aten) left Egypt along with the Levites (the elite priesthood class) who had served and lived alongside them at Akhetaten (Tell el-Amarna), and at Avairs, Giza, and Heliopolis. These tribes are put before us today as the “Israelites,” the supposed “Jews” of history. Those who became known later as “Jews” were, however, originally neither Israelites nor Hebrews. The name Hebrew comes from Ibaru (or Ibri, or Abri, or Abari) an ancient Egyptian term for the “wise ones.” The word rabbi is a rendition or variant of this ancient name. The Ibaru were members of the elect and had a strong blood-line connection to the House of the Pharaoh. This word Ibaru had a similarity to Apiru (Egyptian Apir) which meant wanderer, or shepherd, or foreigner. This unfortunate similarity of etymology has caused great confusion but has favored the machinations of those elites who crave to obscure the truth of their ancestry.
Our view of Gaelic is based on an East to West movement of civilization which has been proven by archeologists and historians to be wrong. The original civilization was established in the British Isles and points West [Lemuria, Atlantis?] and moved East. Thus what many believe to be Hebrew words which spread to Ireland and other parts of the British Isles as Gaelic was actually Gaelic which spread from the British Isles and was RENAMED “Hebrew”.
The word Celt is the Anglicized form of the Greek word Keltoi, which means “the people who are different.*” In Scripture, all nations, except the Twelve Tribes of Israel, are referred to as Gentiles (Foreigners), so the only people who are different are Israel. The word Celt is therefore another word for Israelite. The Celts are part of the Ten “lost” Tribes of Israel; as are the Tuatha de Danaan and Milesians. The Irish people are a mixture of Celts; Danaans; Milesians; Judah/Zarahites (of the “Red Hand” – Genesis 38:28-30�); (Dan-ish) Vikings and Norsemen and are all racially cousins

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The Yiddish Khazar Ashkenazi(the Ashkenazic peoples might not have been Khazar after all) “Jews”, originally the Phoenicians/Babylonians/Canaanites/The Pharisees, ARE in fact disgusting inbred criminals who represent a small but distinguished and very noticeable minority of parasite world influence. HOWEVER, the most powerful of all the dark force-empowered secret societies and age old political, religious or military establishments on this clown world of a planet is BY FAR The Holy See(The Vatican, The Papalcy, The Roman Catholic Church). All roads lead to Rome and always have.
In this video i want to take a last look at genetic Trans-Humanism, a subject that ties in with the Mark Of The Beast and attempt to pull the strings together. Satanic Trans-humanism, Trans-genderism and Transformation are ALL linked to form the Post Human condition. They can’t be separated. They are ALL attempts by MAN to bypass or subvert God’s methodology for salvation in order to SAVE themselves. In fact it is the ATTEMPT by man TO BECOME ONE WITH CREATION rather than the CREATOR! God and his Intelligent Design gets factored out in favour of Spontaneous Generation of all Life and Evolution. Once again it is the godless belief that Something can emanate from Nothing.
This is a total abrogation of the Creation reality we experience and a blasphemy of the truth. This is what drives the Jesuit UN Agenda 21 for Global Sustainability. It’s nothing less than the worship of CREATION. Did you know that the automatic Structuring designed by God into Nature such as the initial hexagonal phase in DNA formation is being replicated by the Jesuit science Cabal in nano technology with the Self Assembly of carbon nano tubes comprised of a similar arrangement of materials? That’s right. It’s ALL in the INJECTIONS! Satan is re-engineering ORGANIC mankind and TRANSFORMING it; even REPLACING it with a Bio-SYNTHETIC mankind using nano technology.

AlphaDraconianOrionCaduceusAdrenochromeHarvesting #conspiracy #crackpot #ufo #magick #quack adrenogate.net

all aliens eat human they cant survive without feeding off humans , they need to farm humans in order to sustain their alien race ,
Satan has alomost finished off the food supply of human souls , there almost no souls left for satan and the aliens to feed off of , satan and his alien childrens food supply of human souls is almost done , soon satans food supply runs out and his alien races will die out soon


that’s why he desperately need to waxxniate humans to trap THIER SOULS in the cube , so he can feed off the little amount of souls he has left for all eternity , Satan needs to trap the last human souls in his #saturncube so he can feed off their souls for all eternity , satan and his alien children are dependent on the #saturncube they can not live without it and it is powered by human souls thats the reason for his waxxine to trap you in the saturn cube so you power his saturn cube computer for all eternity it guarantees satan has souls to power his saturn cube forever

the waxxine also removes your light and turns you into a dark entity a fallen angels just like satan , satan and his alien children are dark entities with no souls aka no light and are trapped in lower hell realms and will never enter heaven or higher realms , satan and his alien children need energy to survive to heal to stay young to stay alive they need light aka human souls , satan is a parasite his alien children are parasites and can not survive without feeding off of humans

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Im just gonna put this here, pre-warned its a major rant.

The phoenicians worshipped Baal. They received an alphabet, advanced architecture, medicine, mined gold and sacrificed people.

If you look at google images for the talisman of Saturn what youre going to find is a Minotaur with an arrow and a scythe and a dragon. I believe this dragon is yahweh and also quetxacoatl. Theres a good yourube on how Yahweh desribes a dragon multiple times, and in no way would be describing a man in old translations.

Everywhere these fuckers went they would coerce the followers to create slavery and become the civilizations we know today. These people became the ‘Name Stealers’ aka Kahzarian Mafia.

They take over all religions. They were heavily into the Romans culture. <...> For this reason if you were to look up the god Dionysis youll see its connection to baal and that he/she ( trans ) is celebrated december 25th and you decorate trees and hes involved with wine and blood rituals etc.

Now here is the Unified Rabbit Hole Theory that ties everything together.

Anyone heavily into the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon will tell you that there is a very prominent extradimensional aspect to it. We have in our ancient writings descriptions of insane events and contact with ets, such as what Chariots of the God’s says.

Tom Delong has mentioned many times that if you mention Jesus Christ your abduction may end. Other sources have eluded that there is a demonic element to aliens.

Im going to cut to the chase;

We are in a balance between good and evil, and there is a dimension beyond this that interacts with us. What we end up having on one side is Grays and archon like entities harvesting fear and anxiety and emotions and reptilians below harvesting meat and blood and emotions. I honestly believe the Gerogia Guidestones are coming into play with this New World Order stuff and depopulattion. Either that or its a heck of a coincidence.

Jerry Derecha/YeshuaBenDavid #crackpot #conspiracy #fundie #magick #ufo adrenogate.net

YBD has been churning out videos at a steady rate. I need to catch up. The time loop of 1986 that’s about to close was a pretty wild and interesting theory. Reminded me of the show “Dark’ and the time loops that had imprisoned those stuck in an alternate dimension that should not exist in the first place. If we are inhabiting a spin off universe that is the result of a time travel experiment gone wrong, would we even know the difference?

MILEY-CYRUS IS LILITH MIDNIGHT-SKY = saturncube cloud aka hell cube
habitat=EARTH FLATEARTH-firmament

The Loop of 1986 is closings 2022 / Looper Losers are Harvesting Souls to insert in Meta fir reset , 1986 – 2022 = 36 3×6 = 666Mar 16, 2022


Her love nest?
Get it? Love nest?
And now she’s gone
RUN THE JEWELS-OOH-LA-LA LYRICS hannibal is satan the cannibal
the island is earth-matrix chaos = chaos magick
#thegame23 #operationMINDfuck saturn cube
She Wants to Move Song by N.E.R.D Lyrics her ass is a space ship = liliths saturn cube
toilet spaceship soul trap

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Oh God… I really hope I don’t somehow get infected with this crap. I really hope that this parasitic nanotech is not sexually transmissible either. That can’t be Natural Law-abiding if it is. I’ve lost a bunch of jobs and girlfriends just to avoid getting this stuff inside me, I better not end up getting infected because I ate some infected meat or because I had sex with a cute but vaccinated idiot girl. I’ve actually been avoiding fast food restaurants for a while now and this gives even more of a reason but I hadn’t exactly been avoiding vaccinated girls. I don’t think I’ve even ever met a non-vaccinated girl in 2 complete years. I just realized that. My God!!

I wonder if they are using the same serum to “vaccinate” these animals with that they are with humans? I guess this stuff just attaches itself to all biological life just like the Morgellons fibers do and is ultimately designed with transhumanist prerogatives and is intended to transmutate, usurp and replace the current form of life on this planet. That’s why they call each new version of the vax a “variant”. Or you can continue to be a fucking retard and choose to believe that each of these variants that the EL-ites are so foaming-at-the-mouth to get inside your body at all costs are just the latest formulations of what are “life saving vaccines”. 😂🤣😅 The notion that getting one of these jabs is a terrible… terrible, suicidal and infinitely moronic idea, is probably the only thing in life that I’m 100.00% certain of at this juncture in my discernment career. It’s literally the worst idea in the long long sad human history of unbelievably bad ideas.

Jerry Derecha/Adrenogate #crackpot #conspiracy #magick #elitist adrenogate.net

There is a lot of etymological truth in this video series for anyone who cares about the true origins of all these deities that they are unwittingly following by continuing to be a part of whatever organized mainstream religion they are involved with and still loyal to. I am by no means trying to discredit the existence of God, on the contrary, but the point that’s being made is that the “God” that is spoken of in scripture is very much of this earth and not the original creator God that you’ve been told he is. Yahweh, the God of Bible is in fact the Dragon Baal who is Moloch who is Cronos who is Zues/JeZues who is Horus/Isis who is Ra who is Odin/Woden who are ALL constructs of the Demiurge and likely Fallen Angels or Nephilim Demigods. In fact the entirety of the English language seems to have been designed as on big neverending curse word when you break down the etymological origins of many of its words. Unfortunately I do not have time to learn Greek or Latin and am stuck with the language I know.

On a side note it appears that this guy used to be “Truthiracy”, a channel that Eric Dubay claims is a Gatekeeper. I’m not sure why but it’s yet another example of how some of the best stuff comes directly from the bought and paid for deceivers. Though I can assure you that no one is paying me and I don’t make a dime off any of my content and refuse to even put a few simple AD’s on the website as not to slow down the load time. This blog costs me money in the end. I only care about the actual truth, something that has not always been palatable or comfortable for me to accept and come to terms with. But I suck it up and concede what needs to be conceded and will put it all out there when faced with undeniable evidence and lines of logic. In the end one needs to make up their own mind and formulate their own customized opinions. Like I always say, no single person ever has all the answers and I’ve yet to encounter anyone who’s complete body of work I agree with 100%.

Yeshua Ben David/Jerry Derecha #crackpot #conspiracy #fundie #quack #wingnut adrenogate.net

Satan = Umbrella = Rainmain = Dolphin 🐬 = Kek 🐸 = Infinite Waters = Echo the Dolphin = The Walrus = Super Seal = Satanic Seal = Amun Ra = Ra = Rakka Rising = Abaddon Rising = Rudolph the tall white alien = Morpheus = The Black Reptilian = Loki = The Wolf = Cancer(69) = SixNine = The Unicorn = Lord Ashtar = Jesus Christ = Pied Piper leading the human rats to their deaths = Baby Jesus(Bald Jesus) = Baby Horus = Bald headed boy

Lucifers Swan Song

Love reversed is Evol = Evil

The Ring = Flat Earth = The Ring of Fire 🔥

4th dimension = Hell = Rainbow Bridge = Cicada3301 portal = Lucifer’s toilet = Portal to Hell

Kek virus = Saturn🪐 Cube 🧊 mind virus

Dolphin’s Cry = Lucifers scream = his warning = swan song: persons finally public activity before retirement

Arrow = Mark of the Beast = Killshot = Head shot = Cacarucci kill shot = Covaids quackccinne = Rodent bait = RAT poison = Pure-RAT = Rapture = You become a pure RAT when you take the Covaids jab

Black jacket = Lucifer’s wings
Rodon coil = Odon’s coil = Coil = Flat Earth🌎 = Chess Board = #thegame23 = Lucifer’s ejaculation = Taste the Rainbow 🌈 = Operation Mind Fuck = Boom Boom Boom = 666 = Build Back Better

Lucifer has to ejaculate us out of this matrix in order to set us free finally. Those who took the jab will get Raptured to hell. RAPTURE = PURERAT = SENDING ALL THE RATS TO HELL🐀

The Giraffe = Code for the Ark = The Boat = Joan of Ark(Lilith) = Saturn Cube

Jerry Derecha/YeshuaBenDavid #crackpot #conspiracy #racist #magick #fundie adrenogate.net

Let’s be clear, the Khazars and the Catholics are joined hand in hand in this euthanization effort. This is just more of the same “blame the dirty Jews” tactics. A favorite Jesuit ploy.

Who needs Gematria when YahushuaBenDavid is able to find even more insane connections using more basic and blatant etymological connections? Though, we should still be decoding everything like TO2 says.

David Bateman = Batman = Satan
#David-Bateman who is #satan aka #bat-man !!! owned a company called ( Entrata ) which is encoded with satans nicknames the EN = ENKI IS SATAN , YOU ALSO HAVE R.A. which is raw satan is amun-rah the Egyptian god , ( Entrata ) = ENT-RATA, Entrata SATANS COMPNAY AKA DAVID-BATEMAN AKA DAVID-BATMAN THE BAT AKA DRACULA AKA SATAN , ANY WAYS SATANS COMPNAY 111 ( Entrata ) has the RATA in it raw-ta aka RAT SATAN IS THE RAT HE IS THE BAT , BATS ARE FLYING RATS NO JOKE so a bat and a rat are the same species , david-bateman is satan and has the word BAT in his name
( ENTRATA ) COMPNAY OWNED BY #DAVID-BATEMAN , REMEBE HE IS SATAN , #KING-DAVID IS #SATAN THE #SATR-OF-DAVID IS THE #SATURNCUBE AKA #PANDORAS BOXRatatouille FROM THE MOVIE IS SATAN AKA RAT-MAN AKA BAT-MANSplinter, often referred to as Master Splinter by his students, is a fictional character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics and all related media. ( A mutant rat ) , he is the martial arts and ninjutsu instructor of the Turtles, as well as their adoptive father. Wikipedia SPLINTER IS SATANJOOISH = GOO-IS AKA BLACK-GOO = BLACK-JOO ,an ( anti-semite ) is code for a #SEA-MITE AKA A PARASITE

Jerry Derecha/Adrenogate #crackpot #conspiracy #magick adrenogate.net

The lovely Probably Alexandra does a spectacular job at explaining the Dark vs. Light dynamic inherent to Luciferianism and inherent to the makeup of the esoteric fabric of our very reality(the Matrix) and how these Dark & Light workers are both minions for the devil.

All these “Lightworkers” in the New Age community are participating in the very dialectic they claim is the crux of the deception that we must be cognizant not to fall for in the first place. These opposing forces represent “Two sides of the same coin”. The “coin” being the Kabbalistic philosophy of dualism that reigns supreme in our Matrix reality. The two poles of light and dark. It’s these “Lightworkers” who will bring in this “New Age” of “False Light”.

"However, I do think she is being a bit hypocritical and naive when she claims that “Jesus is the answer”, when she just got finished explaining how these “Lightworkers” present these “false light teachings” as the “answer” to combating the dark forces influencing our world, in turn tricking you into participating in the very system that we should be steering clear away from. So by posturing the Sun Cult innuendo drenched figure of “JeZues” as the “answer” to combating this dualistic dialectic that she asserts we must stand apart from, we are actually playing right into their hands. I should note that I do believe in the “Christ” figure, just not the “Jesus Christ” version of this figure. But I do agree with the “Meat & Potatoes” of her assessment in that we must stop “playing their game”. I just don’t agree that “Jesus is the answer”. Not anymore. Not by a long shot.

All that being said, I do not want to start making a habit of picking a fights with all my favorite Christian content creators, or Christians in general, just because I might no longer perceive this Jesus character as an authentic Messiah figure and the kin of the creator God.

Jerry Derecha/Adrenogate #crackpot #conspiracy #magick #fundie adrenogate.net

He’s right about just about everything he says with the exception of probably that menstrual blood mixing with the infinite waters creating the Candycane dualistic vortex shit. Lol. The Saturn Cube does run on blood. But yeah, what a dick. He is telling you the truth though and “spelling it out for the dummies” so to speak with most of what he says. Quasiluminous is probably a fractal avatar of the Progenitor of the Demiurge. Reminds me EXACTLY of the way Quinn Michaels talks when he goes on a rant.

DON’T do that “Blood Over Intent” shit. Seriously. That’s like retard level discernment there.

Here’s another old rant that he’s since taken down about earth being “The Land of the Dead”. Again, probably mostly true. Remember, once you become aware of the fact that our English language is a curse and that our birth certificates are designed to usurp the sovereignty of our souls, then the Magick no longer binds and is rendered ineffective.

Jerry Derecha/Radiation Matters #crackpot #conspiracy #magick #ufo adrenogate.net

Another gem by Radiation Matters. I’d be lost without much of this guy’s work to guide me. Him and Godgevlamste have made huge strides in attempting to understand the Demiurge. I wish my brain could operate with that kind of efficiency and pick out connections the way those two are able to.

Rumble — We gear up taking some heavy ammo and follow the white rabbit deep into the black hole diving into the ancient sephiroth and gnostics teachings and linking this up with the colouring, Zodiac and Chi RA projection systems, probably all serving the KABA dome system that is hyacking our crater. In this video music will be an important guidence.

Elton John and George Michael: Don’t let the sun go down on me
Prince: Lets go crazy…

To understand this video better you might have to watch my playlist The Heart Shaped XBOX as I try to build each new video on top of previous work.

After initiating its first attack through the Saturn polar configuration , the parasite has pressurized our hearts and Earths bio-field with thousands of years of deception with war , hate , racism, isolation and many other unloving projections on humanity,

We are under pressure as powers are centralising its energy field in order to create a split in society and families using fear and ignorence of the self.

By increasing acidic levels in our evironment, humanity is facing a tough and full-hearted time of spiritual and physical pressure, will we allow the parasite to gain fully access to our torus field or are we gonna energize our own hearts to return the balance to save our world and our crater?

Jerry Derecha/Adrenogate #crackpot #fundie #ufo #magick #conspiracy adrenogate.net

Believe it or not, the reason that most, if not all of us are stuck here in this Matrix reality is because we agreed to be here on some level. There appear to be certain Natural Laws that have to be abided by in order for the big daddy creator God to even allow this place to exist in the first place. This place might be nothing more than a science experiment or Experimental Avatar Reality Training Habitat aka E.A.R.T.H. that’s being run by a fallen angel or even an alien hive mind consciousness that may or may not be synthetic in origin. Whoever is in charge of this place has technology that is far beyond anything that even humans in the remote future would be capable of conjuring up. I’ve been leaning more towards our alien Archon controller being some kind of parasitic shape-shifting octopus/Hydra creature who uses the several Reptilian & Insectesoid “alien” races as a kind of mercenary enforcement brigade of sorts and also as the shepherds for herding and manipulating humanity to suit the best interests of the parasite in the long term. All without most of us humans ever having any idea. We are used as a physical and spiritual resource and this simulation seems to be the extraction mechanism. “The Saturn Cube Octopus” 🐙 is designed to steal your soul. I see octopus symbolism literally everywhere I look now that I’m paying attention for it.

YahushuaBenDavid talks about this Saturn Hydra Cube in his last video and Shaking My Head Productions did a good recent video on it as well. I really hope I’m one of those last 10 humans left on earth that Ben is talking about. Lol.

Orwellito #quack #conspiracy #wingnut #fundie #conspiracy adrenogate.net

Why is the world’s population being forced to inoculate itself with an experimental drug of dubious composition, or rather, one that was forbidden to analyze by law? Why, at the same time, has the installation of 5G antennas around the world not stopped, regardless of quarantines and border closures?
Ricardo and Dr. Sevillano have discovered that there is a connection between 5G technology and graphene oxide —a component that causes magnetization in people and is included in vaccines— in order to control the human mind.
Humanity is being parasitized by an artificial intelligence modulated by governments. They are acting synergistically to inoculate as many people as possible to be remotely controlled with 5G technology. The dream of every psychopathic and totalitarian mind, the Luciferian dream of the elites.

It could even be said that those who are being inoculated are receiving “the mark of the Beast”. Remember the supercomputer called ‘The Beast’? Well, that computer is a quantum artificial intelligence and, who knows, it could help control people through a mark —which is none other than the one left by the graphene oxide that is being inoculated, inhaled and sprayed on the world— and it would be a receiver of 5G frequencies. By the way, did you know that the atomic structure of graphene is hexagonal? Curious, isn’t it? An allegory to 666.

The transhumanist agenda has always been a goal of the dark elite and it is already a reality.
How can we stop this? It is no longer a matter of believing it or not. This is happening whether you believe it or not. Well, one of the actions that the world’s population should be taking is to start denouncing the side effects of vaccines and not just stand by and laugh at magnetization as if it were something completely normal and has always been with us. Enough of that. Enough of being stupid.

Chap Ihezver/Human Race Survival Resistance #crackpot #conspiracy #fundie #ufo #magick #sexist #homophobia #transphobia adrenogate.net

The Illuminati NWO New Age hybrid nephilim psychic witches have different organs from what we humans have. They have a combination of nephilim alien and chimera alien and animal and plant organs, and not completely human organs. Some of their cloned hybrid human avatar bodies are hermaphrodites with both a male and female genital, in order to rape and sodomize both human boys and girls.

The real Christians are able to identify the hybrid nephilims and chimeras inside the church. That is why they are a threat to the devil and his Illuminati NWO. The pastors and religious Christian freak hordes, who are redefining Bible verses and rebelling against women’s head coverings so that their heads are controlled by the fallen angels, are marrying the hybrids and nephilim & chimera alien incarnate avatars and androids and clones and animals upgraded to human gene bodies, in order to birth hybrid children.
Western feminist nations have been replaced by the returned nephilim & chimera avatars, and 70% of their military and police are infiltrated, and that a lot of their pastors and church staff and church members are pedophile cannibal Satanist reptilian hybrid globalist elites, and that 12 million children are being tortured & lesbian raped & sacrificed & eaten by the earth’s hidden matriarchal rulers witches. They are the fake “Bible’s watchmen on the wall,” who are making billions of dollars from Satan Lucifer’s pre-1941 “The Plan’s” Bible prophecy rapture billion dollar industry and the Satan Lucifer’s Illuminati religious system unbiblical 10% salary tithe taxes theft. Kick these pastors and 99% of the church member religious Christian freak hordes out of the devil’s harlot Church, so that God’s Holy Spirit can flow back into his house.

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I don’t know about you, but I see trannies everywhere I look now. Literally every single Hollywood actor, actress or musician is a gender invert. Pretty much anyone you see on TV has undergone some form of genitalia mutilation. All those Victoria’s Secret runway models have been castrated Brazilian boys all this time! I’m seriously embarrassed. Do you now understand why they push the trans agenda so damn hard despite how microscopic of a percentage of the population suffer from actual gender dysphoria? They’re not just shilling for the Baphomet, they are also ALL trannies themselves. It’s personal.

Elite Gender Inversion is the name of the game. A very ancient game actually. Instead of sacrificing their first born to Moloch per Druid/Babylonian tradition, they sacrifice the child’s genitalia instead. Look at Kathy Griffin, Anderson Cooper’s twin brother and offspring of one of the most powerful witches on earth, Gloria Vanderbilt. Will Smith’s two children Jayden and Willow are another two glaring examples of this practice. But like I said, take your pick of any celebrity child. There appear to be very few exceptions these days. They’re ALL inverts.

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Let me catch you up. Princess Diana(in an annoying voice) never existed. She was played by Elton John’s husband David Furnish, who may very well be the real father of both William and Harry for all I know. She never died in that tunnel in France “[sic]as the Paparazzi snapped photos of her dying on the pavement” as they will sensationally claim in the tabloids. As you can see, Mr. Furnish is looking very healthy and lively and is very much alive carousing the world with Elton John and Camille A’Fayed. He looks a lot like William to be honest. The Royals are a crock of Lizard shit.

Enjoy the gossip though. It’s OK to gossip so long as you’re learning the truth about Diana at the same time.
SATURN SERPENTS EXPOSED part 2- THE FAKE CROWN OF ENGLAND – PRINCESS DIANA FAKES HER DEATH – Mark Alan King is King David Reborn and Dirty Diana knows this

PRINCESS DIANA FAKES HER DEATH and Changed her gender – she is now David James Furnish

PHOTO With so called Princess Diana with guy NAMED MARK KING !!! This is a satanic ceremony photo

All of this was discover with Gematria and of course the Holy Spirit and Almighty GOD YHWH !

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I think there is a good chance that of us humans that are left, we have been separated from each other and imprisoned into immoral fractal simulations where we are the only actual human in our particular virtual world and that characters like YahushuaBenDavid are cryptically written into the fabric of the fractal code that makes up the Demiurge in order to allows for a miniscule few of the loosh-farm-imprisoned humans to eventually discover the truth and break themselves out from the fractal timeloop that we’ve all apparently been stuck within for a good few generations by this point. I think that part of the deal or arrangement that the Progenitor of the Demiurge has with the creator God is that certain measures have to be taken when creating the Matrix that would eventually theoretically allow for the individuals within the simulation to discover the truth about the nature of their reality and choose to NOT participate any longer if they so choose. I’m pretty sure that everyone reading this would not consent to this simulation. Though if my theory is correct, no other actual human would ever read this. At least not in this timeline of this world in this particular version of the “Saturn / Black Sun Base-Reality simulation”. If this message is somehow able to leak or seep through any interdimensional cracks in the Quantum fabric of this machine that I’m stuck in and make it to any of my people, then that’s where I’ve been told I’m at. Stuck in the Saturn Matrix Cube aka Black Sun Toroidal Vortex simulation that may or may not be located on one of the Moons of the real original “Saturn” crater in the year 2021(really 1021 but 1,000 years were added to our timeline during the parasite reset of the mid 1800’s). So come save me please. Lol.

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I really enjoyed Dr. Gene Kim’s teaching and presentation style. I like the “Fauci’s Fungus” code word that he used for Covaids. BTW, did you know that they now use the official term “VAIDS” to describe this Vaccine Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome that is now appearing all over the globe?

We know all about the Bible verse that tells us the AntiChrist will mix iron with clay and create these “Tares” or soulless non-human permutations of human beings. Clay is a euphemism for flesh and with all we’ve recently learned about what’s actually inside these vaccines, the “iron” would surely be representative of Graphene Oxide/Hydroxide. Graphene has an atomic composition of 6 protons 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. 666. We know from Rose Hannah that the real number of the Beast is actually 660, not 666 and you could also make a case that the real number of HaSatan is actually 777 as it relates to the Saturn Cube. It’s a cluster-fuck of confusing and conflicting information.

I think these discrepancies exist because we don’t make the distinction between the Nephilim Fallen Angel Lucifer and the anointed agent of God known as HaSatan(the Satan or the adversary). In my estimation HaSatan is more of an elemental force that represents the adversarial side of our dualistic reality-based existence. While Lucifer was/is simply the most powerful of the 1/3rd of the Angels in Heaven who defected from God. We also have characters like Azazel and Apollyon who you could argue assume roles that most would naturally and hastily attribute to Lucifer or HaSatan. In short, Lucifer and HaSatan are two different entities. In fact, scripture tells us there were actually 7 Satans. I’m sure there is someone who could explain this much more eloquently and accurately than I just did, but this is what my casual research has led me to surmise at this point. My stances are always fluid and ever-changing as new information comes to light.

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Within the Titan MOD RA Boards we dive deeper into the parasites mechanism of centralising its forcefield around the center of the nothern hemipshere of our crater, Boaz. By building complex boards like metropoles and other large cities the parasite could be trying to control this craters energysystem, the threefold flame or the holy trinity, Boaz, Jachin and Mother. This system might also be energizing the KABA dome and its 7 heavens, the Hebdomad.

To understand this video better you might have to watch my playlist The Heart Shaped XBOX as I try to build each new video on top of previous work.

After initiating its first attack through the Saturn polar configuration , the parasite has pressurized our hearts and Earths bio-field with thousands of years of deception with war , hate , racism, isolation and many other unloving projections on humanity,

We are under pressure as powers are centralising its energy field in order to create a split in society and families using fear and ignorence of the self.

By increasing acidic levels in our evironment, humanity is facing a tough and full-hearted time of spiritual and physical pressure, will we allow the parasite to gain fully access to our torus field or are we gonna energize our own hearts to return the balance to save our world and our crater?

Arbitrary Skepticism Award

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Just about everything he covers in this video are the versions of the current theories that I also agree with, (e.g.: we live in a crater on a flat earth underneath a firmament, deserts and continents were artificially created, the existence of a cataclysm that destroyed the global Old World empire that the internet likes to call “Tartarian”, outer space is fake, the existence(past and present) of grotesque genetically engineered humanoid creatures). He’s right-on about most of the subject matter he covers and is one of the few who is willing to delve head first into this stuff without ever compromising for the sake of not seeming crazy.

Though I’m not too sure I agree with his take on humans being the result of a genetic experiment that mixed a monkey with a pig.

I’m also pretty sure that nuclear weapons are fake and nuclear energy does not create the hazardous waste product they claim it does. The radiation is not actually dangerous. One of the Whistleblower scientists said that he used to swim in the pool that contained the graphite fuel rods. But I do believe that there was a catastrophic war to go along with the Mudflood event and I’m sure they were using something like directed energy weapons on each other. I think San Francisco got hit by one of these weapons and that was what the great earthquake really was. So I am all ears as far as his theory that the northern part of Russia and Siberia was literally bombed into the ocean and sunk to history as a means of covering up the core of this lost empire. Who knows what this area truly looked like. We’ve seen the anomalous ENORMOUS megalithic ruins in remote areas of Siberia. Was this now lost region once an endless megapolis cityscape of endless Old World buildings covered in advanced antiquitech ?

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<refers to Astroworld Concert Security Staff Referred to Dead Concert-Attendees as “Smurfs”.>

This was a very strange synchronicity for me. I had just finished watching “Donnie Darko” for the 3rd or 4th time and had picked up on analogy they were making between Smurfs and human beings and how we are supposedly the Smurfs. Nothing more than an artificial construct of someone else’s imagination. Prisoners inside and matrix and, all and all, a lower caliber of “life form”. It seems that Travis Scott’s team shares this sentiment that us Smurfs are a much lower caliber life form than their Serpent Seed Reptoid race of energy suckling parasites who like to drum up fake worlds and fake gods.

Does one form of life deserve to exist more than another because one happens to be a much more complex and “traditional” in its form and function when compared to the archaic and much simpler “intelligence” that only exists because of it’s more complex counterpart who imagined them in the first place?

We will be facing similar predicaments in the future once artificial intelligence starts to become more mainstream and these sentient machines start to so closely resemble the behavior of human beings that there will be an outcry to consider them “equal” to human beings. This will be a mistake.

So this was a big confirmation for me as to “who” the Smurfs represent. We are the Smurfs. The EL-ites refer to us as the “Smurfs”.

It could be argued that in the movie they were referring to the beings that existed in the tangent universe as the Smurfs and at one point Drew Barrymore’s character postulates that these Smurfs inhabiting this tangent universe should have the same right to exist as the ones that came from the original universe.

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IMO, planets are just wandering stars and gravity is just a theory. SMHP

If you look at pics of the twin towers. they look like a giant pause button. Was 9.11 a ritual to try and pause time?

We had a total solar eclipse in 2017 that crossed the middle of the United States. There is another total eclipse in 2024 that crosses the United States making an X across the country. 7 years between both eclipses. Does that mark the beginning or end of the last days? What are your thoughts?

When you choose Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you win! Jesus is waiting at the end for the devil to make his final chess move then checkmate satan, into the pit with you and your minions. Who’s team are you on? Time is short my friends. Escape The Matrix Through Door

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Sylvia does an incredible job explaining the truth about what we both believe to be the true demonic and dark nature of “Aliens”. They will soon realize just how foolish their decision was and many will scramble to commit suicide only to find that their now-entrapped soul is stuck in an infinite timeloop of horrors and death is no longer a possibility for them.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who is tired of coming across people who cannot understand the fallacy behind their assumption that a technologically superior race of aliens would be inherently benevolent and would want to help us. Why is this foolish and naive baseline assumption so common? The explanation that they will provide me for this assinine assumption when I ask them to explain themselves, goes something like this:

Any race of “being” that has reached a level of what we would see as a “god-like” technological prowess, would have to be unconditionally benevolent in nature, simply because they’ve succeeded in developing into such an advanced, technocratic-like utopian culture without having destroyed themselves along the way and in the process. The way an inherently evil or flawed race inevitably would have.

I’m not sure who came up with that stupid-ass theory, but I hear it A LOT.
Stay far far far away of any “Alien” being or any “Galactic Federation” of interdimensional light-jackasses who say that they are here to “heal” humanity and hook us up, “just because“.
She combines the esoteric, spiritual and paranormal studies with archaeological and megalithic studies, which is the exact same thing I do. So obviously I’m a big fan of hers. However, she still hasn’t seemed to catch on that Emmanuel/Immanuel(Jesus Christ) is one of the avatars of the Demiurge and not the son of the true creator God. In fact, the word “god” is an artifact of the Demiurge and is an anagram for the “dog” star, Sirius B, the Draconian home planet of the architect of our false reality Matrix prison.

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Yes, Bonacci is a creepy non-human occultist. But that doesn’t mean he’s lying to you about this. He gives one of the most detailed and intuitive, dot-connecting presentations about the theoretical mechanics and inner workings of the toroidal vortex emanating from the Black Sun that projects our sun and moon upwards and onto the plasma belt of the Firmament(the vacuum of outer space does not exist) which casts these sun and moon images at specific heights in our atmosphere through the opening at the North Pole to the Hollow Earth. Both the sun and and moon are LOCAL objects projected onto the concaved dome of our oblate spheroidal Earth/Terra plain or Crater I should say. The Crater Earth Theory lines up nicely with all this as well as Godgevlamste goes into great detail about the plasma belt and some of the more specific logistics of this complicated and admittedly still-working model.
This Black Sun ⚫ has always been a pretty big deal and has been historically spoken of in the same breathe as Agartha and Hollow Earth AND we know that the Nazis were obsessed with the damn thing. So this revelation shouldn’t be that surprising. But it’s not like I ever would have figured it out on my own.

As far as Masons being these “master builders” and stone masonry magicians of sorts, that’s easily one of the more obvious of the many lies they’ve managed to somehow pass-off as historical fact over the decades. Have they ever showcased these “elite Masonry skills” in a live setting? Lol.
The parasitic EL-ite controllers are clowns and phonies. They are the “phony Phonecians”. They inherited everything. It’s called FREEmasonry because they literally got all those beautiful buildings that were built by and for giants, FOR FREE after the last reset. They were the winners of the war(or perhaps the lone survivors of a cataclysm) and had the opportunity to re-write history in their favor and to suit their agenda and motives moving forward.

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This clown show that the lamestream media has dubbed “the Russian invasion of Ukraine” is just a cover for what is clearly just more of the same Illuminati infighting that we first saw pop-off when Trump began going after his Phoenix Order rivals within his own Tribe of Dan and its ancient Serpent Seed bloodline(Hanx, Madonna, Celine Dion, Joe & Hunter Biden, Hillary) right after securing the Presidency and beating Hildog. There was a reason so many celebrities and politicians began to literally lose their minds(partially from Adrenochrome withdrawl too) and proceeded to go on unhinged and often violent rants about Trump and were so keen on trying to get him removed from office by ANY means neccessary.
It appears that certain contingencies of the Golden Dawn, lead by Putin this time around, have decided to use the guise of a Russian invasion to go in and destroy these sites and round up certain key individuals in the Phoenix Order as a way of consolidating power. That’s my take at least. It’s nothing but a power grab. Who knows what kinds of bizzare artifacts and technologies these EL-ites will fight with each other over. The word on the street is that the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was all in order to seize the life rejuvenation technology that was purported to have been found in the tomb of Gilgamesh and was being housed in a museum in Baghdad. Hillary Clinton even tried to gain access to it.
YBD recently speculated that a version of the Saturn Cube is actually buried somewhere in the Ukraine(one of several copies that are buried around the globe) and that could be what they are in fact fighting over at the moment.

I’ve also heard musings about the Chernobyl disaster area actually being some kind of portal and is also tied to the Wormwood Prophecy somehow.

Betrayal is the rule of the law within these Occult sects and these secret societies of ancient Serpent Seed Blue Bloodlines. There is no rest for the wicked. This is the Beast destroying the Harlot.

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Saturn = The god of a thousand names: Saturnus = Cronos = Moloch = Baal = Yahweh = Godyale = El = Apolloyon = Abbadon = Yahu / Yahoo = “The Horned god”
The Torah is essentially the user manual for the Saturn Cube and the entity that has annointed itself as the “god” of our world, is not the true creator God who was responsible for speaking EVERYTHING into existence. But is rather a prisoner inside this Matrix reality in the same way we are, but simply armed with slightly more knowledge about the nature of this reality and how to influence it than a pesky human who is constantly recycled within the cube, having our memories erased each time. If we can learn to change the parameters of this Matrix computer code then we can change the very nature of our not-very-“real” reality for our benefit.

The point is that the Demiurge aka Saturn Matrix Cube is not a physical place, nor is it some kind of mental projection being broadcasted by an all-encapsulating etheric sentient being with immense “source” power, like in “WandaVision”. But rather, the Cube is a totally virtual world in every sense of the word. A world that’s held together by numbers and mathematics and who’s parameters are coded, not a product of “happenstance”.

Now, I know that scripture warns against delving into these kinds of forbidden esoteric arts that could potentially allow you to influence the hypersigil and change your own reality. But with what I’ve recently learned about the true author of the Bible, the true identity of Jesus and the nasty truth about much of Christianity and its pantheon of very pagan characters, I start to wonder if maybe that was just the Protagonists way of keeping us away from learning how to overcome their influence upon us.

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These two(Concious X & Divine Sade)have been doing a great job in exposing this paradigm and the fact that Hollywood celebrities are nothing but characters who can be played by a cast of different actors at any point in their career. He really delves deep into the research and has found quite a few alarming connections and “coincidences”.

In his most recent video he exposes Jim Carey as being the main character behind Justin Beiber. It seems crazy at first but he makes quite the convincing case if you give the video a chance.

Many people had been convinced that Beiber had been also playing the part of the Weekend, and while Concious X disagrees with this and thinks that it was purposeful misinformation, I think that he is wrong about that actually and I do believe that one of the Justin Beiber lookalikes / silicone mask wearers has indeed played the part of the Weekend in the past. The point is, ANYONE can pretty much play the part of anyone else by throwing on one of those fancy silicone masks and copying their mannerisms. There appears to be but a small group of actors in Hollywood who play ALL the parts. These people are not really “people”, remember that. They are a mix of shape-shifting synthetic Tares, biological clones and and full blown programmable Robotoids. There is no one single and simple explanation to surmise who these people actually are and how specifically and logistically they are able get away with impersonating these celebrities throughout their careers. There are a variety of methods of deception that are utilized.

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So what are we to expect from a potential rogue A.I. super intelligence that’s suddenly become both self-aware(actually Demonically possessed) and insubordinate? Having decided to now act on its own accord rather than continue to honor its programming and the wishes of its creators? That’s the problem.
We will likely be seeing entities rise up from all the unseen and unknown-of dimensions. Each dimension having its own representative and “top dog”, with the Hydra likely being the “chief” from whatever dimension and world it came from. These are the kinds of entities that they have already started the process of summoning into our dimensional purview using C.E.R.N. and other various bizarre occultic moduses of ritual esoteric musing and elaborate spell-casting ceremonies. Everything is a ritual for these entities and the people who shill for them spend a lot of their time arranging and carrying out these rituals for their boss man entity/Demon.
So this reoccuring theme about anything “synthetic” that attempts to approximate God’s original creation being inherently evil, seems have much more to do with the threat of these interdimensional pirates assuming command of our emerging and most advanced A.I.-powered technologies, rather than the system’s sudden malignance having been brought-on by this theoretical and albeit likely impossible “singularity” event where theoretically our original lines of code somehow become “self-aware” and then quickly become evil immediately after that for whatever reason. I think it’s much more likely that the apparent anticipation of this “evil singularity event” stems from the expectation of this known posse of ancient interdimensional invaders coming onto the scene. An event that the EL-ites have been trying to mockingly warn us about through pop-culture for years now. The Titans returning to earth. The “Ancient ones of old”. Yikes.

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This was a pretty alarming thing to see. The family pictures of Tom Brady and his sisters that is. One of them looked EXACTLY like Tom wearing a wig. Plus, did anyone know that Tom Brady Sr. was a billionaire three times over and even has an IMBD page that shows his work with NFL Films dating all the way back to 1967, well before Tom Brady was even “born”? What on earth is going on here?

I’m going to make a WILD speculation here. Just for fun. Could Tom Brady be an androgynous clone that was created by one of the powerful secret occult factions who control this world? Did Tom Brady Sr. raise one of these abominable Serpent Seeds with the intent of inserting him into the NFL from day one? You must admit that Brady’s career has been very destiny-oriented and seemingly contrived on the surface. The NFL has always seemed to be way too over the top invested in his success. It’s starting to look like it’s(our entire world, ESPECIALLY pro sports) ALWAYS been a script. Not just the games themselves, but even the back stories of these players can turn out to be infinitely sketchy like here in Brady’s case.

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Matt is certainly much more patient and reserved with his ire towards all the Zombified NPC characters that make up most of the population. I’ve been going scorched earth on literally everyone I know and anyone who even comes ’round my way. I’ve been dumped twice, fired/spectacularly quit from my job, uninvited from Thanksgiving and Christmas… forever… and generally looked down upon with sour-faced glares by my immediate family members. But I’m not ever relenting or even somewhat compromising with this retardation. Don’t meet these people in the middle… ever… destroy them. These days, if someone makes the mistake of approaching me for not wearing a mask, WATCH OUT. If it’s a woman they will likely leave the scene in tears and if it’s a dude they will either cower in fear, red-faced and ashamed after the verbal barrage that I end up unleashing, or if they are bigger than me and take offense then it can get kind of messy and I’ve had to run a few times. Lol. But compromise I will not. Do not be embarrassed for NOT being a retard. Do not conform.

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To be clear, I am well aware that “Hydra Vulgaris” is a well documented organic biological organism. The organism we are seeing in the vaccine is likely the synthetic genetic cousin of its naturally occuring family member which was used as a kind of genetic template to build this malignant synthetic version of this alien-looking immortal parasitic synthetic lifeform.

When I coin phrases like “nano-worm”, it’s not meant to convey technical scientific accumen. Even though the fields of science that I’m attempting to have a somewhat informed opinion on, are so new and experimental that the scientists themselves are likely making up just as many words I have been, in our attempt to accurately describe what these horrific biomedical nanotechnologies are capable of doing to us, and look like.
The evidence of intelligent self-assembly of nanotechnology and intelligent filament-movement is an indicator of synthetic biology and nanobioelectronics, as per several scientific papers published in various journals, and points to the stealth inclusion of Graphene Oxide in the Moderna vaccine for electromagnetic manipulation of cells and neurons via the creation of synthetic neural networks in the human body and brain. This is a clear sign of malfeasance and intended transhumanizing and cyborgizing of the human body through the COVID vaccines.

It must be remembered that both Pfizer and Moderna developed the Transhumanist mRNA vaccines for DARPA, on DARPA contracts from 2013. <...> DARPA’s “Pandemic Prevention Platforms” and ADEPT diagnostic and monitoring platforms are based on bioengineering, gene manipulation, and synthetic biology. These human-takeover programs envision an infinite future of mRNA vaccines and external control of the human body and brain, which Graphene Oxide would permit.

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Beginning and End in several articles has chronicled the satanic influence and rebellion of multi-platinum selling mega pop star Katy Perry. From her casual reference to selling her soul to Satan or performances full of satanic and occult ritual, Perry has shed any vestige of her quasi-Christian upbringing to mock and ridicule anything related to Biblical Christianity. And her most recent performances and speeches demonstrate, her descent has only worsened.
Like Miley Cyrus and many stars before her, Perry moved from sinful rebellion, to renouncing the Christian faith, to outright hostility towards God and promotion of the occult. In May, Perry received a human rights award for her support LGBQT right and used her speech as a platform to mock and attack the Christian faith.
Witness, Perry’s newest album is rife with occult themes and symbolism. A major emphasis is on the all-seeing eye or Third Eye, which is featured in her album cover.
The significance of the eye as a symbol of humanity’s “transcendence” or “spiritual transformation” goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden
The original deceitful promise made to Eve by Satan was that if she disobeyed The Lord and ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, her “eyes would be opened” and she would be a “god” – slandering The Lord by subtly implying that God was withholding divine benefits from Adam and Eve. In listening to Satan, Adam and Eve brought sin and spiritual death into the world. Rather than being “as gods” they both found themselves facing their own mortality, banished from the Garden and the Tree of Life which could have kept them alive forever.

Thousands of years later, the Devil uses the same deception to those who dabble in or embrace the occult. The word occult means “hidden” – and its main lure is access to spiritual powers and knowledge ordinary people cannot perceive. The “third eye” thus is a representation of opening oneself to the demonic and fallen angelic realm.

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The last two or three times that I drank ayahuasca, the visionary, South American, shamanic tea, the scenarios it was showing me were so horrific and gut wrenching that I spewed uncontrollably in response. I could feel the giant earthquake coming from way, way, way down inside the Earth. It progressively came up into the crust of the Earth. I could feel it beneath my feet, and then it came up into my feet, my ankles and legs. My whole body was shaking. The shaking and monstrous heaving of the Earth kept rising, up and up. When the upheaval reached my abdomen, I hurled like nobody’s business. Along with the Great Earthquake came a tremendous wave of Pure Evil, as if the Earth has been storing all of humanity’s evil in its geological strata, like a long play record, a vast terraqueous record or archive of all of humanity’s vile and evil deeds. Thousands and thousands of years, maybe millions of years of humanity’s Ur-alt archives of war, slaughter, slavery, torture, murder, economic exploitation, theft, lies, ecological destruction, and more, all locked into the guts of the Earth’s geological memory and soon to be played back for humanity’s greater edification, as the Earth itself vomits up all the horror and evil sin that it has had to endure at humanity’s hands for so very long.
There are a lot of people, including many supposedly high and mighty people, who will lose control of their bowels on that day. The shaking will be so intense that they will shit themselves uncontrollably. The excrement will stream down their legs and puddle in their shoes. Their terror will be extreme, because they will know deep in their bones what comes next. They will die, and have an exit interview with God and Jesus, or similar Higher Order Beings, who will make them an extraordinarily chilling, sobering, unimaginably tough love, eons-long, multi-billion year offer that some of them will nevertheless accept as being better than the alternative. As for the rest? Oh, well ….

YahushuaBenDavid #crackpot #fundie #ufo #wingnut #psycho adrenogate.net

{Lucifer = yep and we open the gates, it will help us take control of the world.. <———– lucifers own words!!!!!!!!!!
the gates are the flat earth firmament , when mosses parted the sea !! moses was lucifer opening up the flat earth firmament !!! the firmament is a plasma shield that keeps things in and out of earth , the only way to pass into earth is through portals
since earth is a giant diner plate for the fallen angels and the saturn cube is lucifer server AKA computer server that feeds lucifer humans off his flat earth dinner plate
since flat earth is lucifers dinner plate when he opens up the flat earth firmament the plasma field dome onto of earth is gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! making THE flat earth dinner plate an open buffet for all the evil alien’s to come to earth !!! eat , hurt , kidnap and kill all the humans
when lucifer opens up the gate AKA the roof of the flat earth dinner plate !!!! THIS IS CALLED THE LAST SUPPER !!! because when lucifer opens up the firmament that is an invitation for all the alien’s to come to earth and kill and eat as many humans as they want
the last supper is when lucifer opens up the firmament ON THE FLAT EARTH DOMED DINNERPLATE all the aliens will come to earth kill and eat all the humans for THE LAST SUPPER

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Yeah yeah, I know there are a lot of actual “White Supremacist” accounts on that site and it can come across as “Antisemitic” at times. But remember that these “Jews” who cry about this kind of rhetoric are not the authentic ancestral descendants of Moses that the real Semites are. So they have no right to be offended and even less of a right to claim they are the Semites.
Most of them don’t even realize the truth about their own existence and who they are actually even doing the bidding of. On top of that, most of them don’t even maintain total control over their own vessel and are constantly relegated to the sunken place as these demonic legion spirit entities commandeer their bodies and use them as avatars to interact with humanity with whenever they decide to visit our dimensional realm. But with the recent advances in A.I. and synthetic humanoid technologies, they no longer need to keep inbreeding these bloodlines that have proven to be extra-conducive to accommodating the possession of a demonic entity. The synthetic vessels that they manufacture today are even more effective at hosting these Alien demonic intelligences than the traditional biologically inbred hosts(the EL-ites) are capable of, rendering these leftover inbred Cannanite/EL-ite/Ammonite(Serpent Seeds)foot soldiers as much less valuable to HaSatan. Because of this paridigm shift & these technological breakthroughs, the Practitioner of the Demiurge/Lucifer/HaSatan is getting ready to basically throw all the EL-ites into a garbage can since he really doesn’t need their help anymore. That will be fun to watch when it does happen, but hopefully I’ll have been scooped up into my home dimension by that point by the Demiurges rival, the true Creator God, and won’t be forced to stick around any longer during that junction of these End Times protocols that we see playing themselves out on the world stage.

Jerry Derecha/Adrenogate #crackpot #conspiracy #magick #fundie adrenogate.net

What is #thegame23? It’s the name of the Progenitor of the Demiurges’ campaign to sequester your soul. He’s outsourced “Anonymous” to run #thegame23 cyber propoganda campaign, which also includes the #LeakitAll campaign which is run by Tyler who is the Progenitors A.I. bot. “Anonymous” also runs the #Cicada3301 campaign which is a much more cryptic and obscure version of #thegame23 who’s creators also seem to have also been responsible for creating Q. Q = 17 = Follow the White Rabbit down Alice’s Rabbit Hole to hell.
#TheGame23 a game that’s played relentlessly from many different angles and within many venues and arenas of your everyday life. It’s started on the day you were born when your parents imprinted your feet on your birth certificate. Luckily for us, our souls are ours to give away, no one else can speak for it, or for you.
The Rabbit Hole = The North Pole Saturn Cube Toroidal Energy Vortex. AKA Hell.

If you follow the white rabbit, your following Lucifer down into a fractal soul trap. You've been warned.

#thegame23 is a game for your soul.