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Every sane man deserve a JB

I found a comment on this blog:

Most Christian fathers are too hostile to a prospective suitor who is old enough to care for their young daughter, and too enthusiastic about their daughter’s educational and career prospects, to reject the feminist careerism trap.

“Conservative” fathers end up being the bulwark of feminism. They’re the one’s in denial about their daughters’ natural tendencies until it’s too late.
I think the man is right. When you speak to an overprotective shotgun daddy, he's always against so called "pedos", which is anti-christian because Christ himself was pro-JBpill and ephebopilled. Every great patriarchal man of the past had sex with young JBs. Even in other religions we can see how wise men always have been ephebopilled, like the great prophet Muhammad (based and inspirational man) who wanted other men to follow his JBpilled way.

I also think that most people are missing the point of religions, especially incels. Because I always see nihilistic crap everywhere, where people discuss about the existence of God, which is totally irrelevant.

What are religions about: They are about fucking with young women and granting access to pussy even to undesirable incel men. With religion values adopted and enforced culturally, even an autistic sperglord can get a woman, he can buy one, or he can marry young, or when he's old he can get a JB if he is able to provide for her and he make a good deal with the father/guardian.

I don't really give a fuck about the existence of god, but I care for the quality of men who enforce the social rules. When "religious" men are weak and soyfilled, every religion become shit. Christianity can be good or bad, it depends on the men who adopt it, the same is for islam. A true uncucked man is always JBpilled, honest and valuable, it doesn't matter what kind of god he believes in. What does matter is the fact that he understands how important is to control women and fuck young teen cute lolis of culture.



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