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Seriously. If true Americans had a fraction of the balls our founders did, we’d have straight up murdered every single last politician who dared infringe on any of the bill of rights and constitution. We get the government we allow. It’s that simple. I prefer no government but that’s not gonna happen. Lol. So when do we do civil war 2.0?

Exactly. I was playing a video game based in the 1700's and the founding of America and there were like 2-3 people that straight up said "I'm willing to die for the cause"

It made me stop and think. Our country is a bunch of whimps. If we were to somehow organize and mobilize I feel like we could hold the government accountable. Them, the media, and the big money companies that are part of it all.

They openly fuck Americans over for votes, views, and money. And we don't do SHIT about it. Our founding fathers would've taken up arms long ago.

See the problem is that if one psycho takes several of them hostage or whatever, there's a police standoff, he gets killed or imprisoned and that's that. It's seen as a lone crazy person.

But if 100's (or 1000's!!) of people did it all at once, it'd be a very different story.

Moreover, who are actually the bad people? The people (trump and co) that the media tells us? The people that oppose him (dems)? Or is it ALL of them?!?

If it's all of them, how do you institute something that works if they're no longer in power? It's a fucking mess and easier to do nothing and look past the misdeeds and disgusting behavior of government, media and big business.....

The real problem is plenty of real men are like why the fuck are we allowing this but we aren't in direct communication or interaction. We are islands in seas of cucks that would do nothing either way just like during the Revolution.



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