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spoilerPARENT ALERT! If you have kids heading
back to school, read the language about
medical consent. This is an excerpt from a
school consent form: "l authorize the Health
staff to administer medical services,
IMMUNIZATIONS, and therapeutic
procedures to my child as deemed
They better keep their filthy hands off our

( @kh32962 )
School is where they take control of the kids in the first place.
The subjects they’re forced to study turns them against God, their parents ,their country and ultimately, themselves.
So good luck trying to keep them from volunteering to
kill themselves with school mandates medical procedures.

( @John_Wayne_72 )
All kids sent to public schools WILL get the sterilizing "vaccine" one way or another.

This post is a PsyOp.
This post is designed to get parents to think that if they check their schools medical consent form, and it doesn't mention immunizations, then their kids won't get immunized/sterilized.

Trust me, they WILL be.

Only option is home school or leave the country.

@kh32962 @TrumpLongTimePatriot

( @LaramieJack )
@TrumpLongTimePatriot public schools are for illegals and socialists now. Home school or private school. Don’t send your children into the hog pens.

( @Driver )
@TrumpLongTimePatriot Take your kids out of schools...they are no longer safe. Between the deadly experimental shots (called vaccines) and the mental illness of the teachers, your kids are in harm's way.

( @TheAmericanPatriotParty )
@TrumpLongTimePatriot do not send your kids to Leftist indoctrination camps filled with pedophiles!

( @jdmax )
@TrumpLongTimePatriot Don't sign anything giving consent to anyone to give your children any sort of medication!



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