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RE: New Report: Women Apply to Fewer Jobs Than Men, But Are More Likely to Get Hired

The sexism agaisnt men is getting out of control. My company is about 13% female but our management is 75% female. It's so fucked up, if you're a dude you aren't going anywhere.


Who can argue women dont have it easier when they are empirically more likely to get jobs?

I’m a female law student and my friend and I regularly talk about how it must suck to be a white man in law right now. Several law firms have been sued recently for not hiring enough POC so this has increased diversity hiring. On top of that, women started getting hired more because of feminism. The only people I know getting legal internships are POC, men with disabilities/non-traditional background, and white women. So, it seems that white men have it pretty rough in the legal market right now.


My sisters definition of job inequality is that SOME places ask for male employees, but when they ask for females she doesnt care.

Cut her off. Or find some way to ruin her life

Every girl i know in my area and school has a job. Only 1 guy is employed and he is a lot more "feminine" in terms of appearance. Most guys don't get the chance of an interview to the same places girls with lower grades got accepted.

In Canada the government gives tax breaks to companies that hire a certain amount of women, so even though I have 7 years experience I would be turned down for a women with zero experience because the companies will get tax breaks... then they call women oppressed 🙄our world is fucked

Western society will fall. When men are forced out of job roles, we will see a decline in families with eventual replacement by more conservative ethnic minorities.



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