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[Discussion] How I define a loser. Most Incels are not losers.

This is my answer to @SlayerSlayer post: How would you define a loser?

I think that everyone has his own definition of what a "loser" is.

A "social loser" to me is someone that has rotten morals. Like a corrupt politician, a greedy business owner, *criminals in general (*with the exception to "criminals" that broke any kind of cucked or unfair law).

For example JoePedoBiden declares that wearing a wristwatch is "racist white supremacy".
Then a guy wears it anyway, because he is tired of all the stupidity and madness, and he simply doesn't care anymore.

He is not really a criminal, he is a "criminal", nor is he a loser.

People that exploit the welfare system. Illegal immigrants, "rapefugees", parasites, people that abandon their country because "it was too hard, boohoo". They are all losers and parasitic traitors.

Chads, foids and cucks are losers. Chads and foids are losers because despite all the free shit they get they remain greedy, arrogant, cruel, selfish, liars, hypocrites.

Chad is a loser because even having all the respect and power he still allows degeneracy to happen. In fact he likes it, he enjoys the corruption. He enjoys that society and women became degenerates and only give sex to him.

And cucks are losers because they have no dignity.
Willingly becoming slaves, "if I lower myself enough If I betray everybody enough, the foids and Chads will let me eat their shit, and that will make me a better person than those INKWELLS!"

Cucks are the base of the pyramid that oppresses Incels. They are the biggest losers of them all.

I don't really see Incels as losers, unless of course you are a volcel.
Meaning that you have the opportunity and means to leave Inceldom, but because of stupidity or "autism" you are unable to.



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