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[Story] [BlackPill] Normcuck practically offers his "female friend" for Chads on a silver plate

So these two used to always come together, joke around together, and more importantly: the normcuck used to dedicate more than one hour of his time per day to coach the femoid and give her tips. I've been away from this gym for about 5 months, and when I came back to my old gym, I saw so many changes. Whereas she had a chubby body before, her body is so fuckable now and is sexy af. Damn she looks TIGHT now!

Along with this physical change of hers, and her bumping from 5.5 to 7.5, came with a lot of behavioral changes:

- They don't come together anymore, and she barely says hi to him.

- Whereas she was a "nice girl" before, she's now the Chads' plaything. She's always slutting around with some Chad, and has like 2-3 regular chads she hangs around with. But not just hanging around, the way she works out with these chads is very sexual. Like, when they support her while doing squats, they pretty much dry hump her from behind and she keeps touching them, whereas her workouts with the slant-eyed normie were very "platonic".

- She's now the girlfriend of one of these Chads, and she keeps making out with him under the eyes of the Normcuck, who is obviously annoyed by all this.

- Whereas the normcuck used to strut around the gym, proud that he is accompanied by a femoid, his body language now is completely cucked, and is invisible. Doesn't socialize with the guys anymore, whereas before he used to try to behave as if he was a Chad.

- A year of orbiting around the female, and sacrificing hundreds of hours of his time to help the femoid sculpt her body got him the following result: he now gets to see all his efforts and hard work being reaped by Chad, who just had to be there. Practically he offered his female friend to the Chads on a silver platter. That's some deep cuckery.

I find the gym, where aesthetics are glorified, a place of raw human instinct and a raw environment for the BlackPill.



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