Killer_Danish #sexist

Men are the rats at the feeder bar pushing a button for food pellets, damaging their dopamine reward system in the process with ever-increasing levels of hardcore pornography.

How can men be responsible towards women when:

-they won't admit porn is addictive?

-they won't admit it harms women inside/outside of porn?

-they won't admit that the women on the other side of the screen are real and suffer physical/emotional consequences from the extreme sexual acts they portray?

-they won't admit that the violent, degrading acts they learn from porn make them terrible lovers to women?

-they won't admit that the rise in erectile dysfunction among young men is correlated to pornography use?

-they won't admit that porn poisons their relationships with women?

I doubt men as a group will ever admit any fault since apologizing is still very much in the female domain... Our years living side-by-side with men who repeatedly view our dehumanization as a hobby will no doubt cause many years of bad blood—though expect all the newspapers and scholars to find a way to blame it all on women!



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