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Let’s talk about how grooming works as a practical matter. Grooming is roughly synonymous with recruiting. We don’t use the word “recruiting” related to the homosexual movement, because of LGBT tantrums in the 1980s and 90s. It’s a forbidden term. But’s it’s a more accurate term. Grooming is associated almost exclusively with pedophilia, but even in the LGBT community, pedophiles are a minority. Proportionally the percentage of pedophiles is much higher among LGBTs than in the larger society, especially among homosexual men. Pederasy, or sex between adult men and pubescent boys, is a sub-category of pedophilia and has been the core of male homosexual culture going back even before the Greeks of Plato’s time. It was a defining characteristic of the early Nazi Brownshirts, and is the common denominator in the few homosexual crimes that still make the news these days. Harvey Milk, Jim Jones (of Jonestown), Obama bundler (and Human Rights Campaign founder) Terry Bean, Portland Mayor Sam Adams, Seattle Mayor Ed Murphy, Kevin Spacey, recently convicted Ed Buck, Obama “Safe Schools Czar” and GLSEN founder Kevin Jennings, and most of the founders of the American LGBT movement going all the way back to the 1920s are proven or plausibly accused pederasts.

And yet, homosexual pedophiles are definitely NOT the majority of LGBTs, especially when you include lesbians, whose sexual attraction to minors is much less common than among men, in my observation.

Focusing only on the pedophile aspect of recruiting blinds us to the bigger and more dangerous phenomenon. The LGBT pedophile is focused only on satisfying their own perverse sexual cravings which are, of course, terrible crimes that must be prevented if possible, and harshly punished if not. But it is limited to just those children they get their hands on through grooming. The much larger agenda of the long-term LGBT vision is to recruit ALL the children into the ideology of sexual anarchy in which there are no boundaries to sexual conduct, and in which homosexual experimentation with EACH OTHER is the means to determine one’s own “sexual identity.” And given that one’s first sexual climax is the human psychological equivalent to “imprinting” among birds, the percentage of children who then decide they are “gay” grows (and has grown) exponentially.



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