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Nowadays, I’ve got my own national media platform. So I’m issuing a challenge to former President Obama, my college classmate:

I believe you’ve had a “free roll.” I don’t believe you had one tough question thrown at you in the past decade. Rarely has any member of the media pushed you for a detailed response about your IRS scandal or Hillary Clinton’s Russian uranium issue. You’ve rarely been asked about the Benghazi cover-up, your justification for the Iran treaty and why you gave the nation $150 billion to fund terrorism around the world and the tall tales used to sell Obamacare.

And then there are the billions wasted on your green energy giveaways to Democrat donors; Joe Biden’s Ukraine scandal; Hillary’s emails; the nonsense about “shovel ready” jobs; your attorney general meeting with Bill Clinton on the airport tarmac; the DNC efforts to fix the primaries for Hillary; and your role in the spying, unmasking and FISA fraud committed against President Donald Trump.

Got any answers to tough questions by an interviewer who isn’t an adoring fan? How about you sit down on the set of my Newsmax TV show, reaching 80 million homes, for a 60-minute interview? No questions will be off limits.

Can you prove me wrong? Think you can make me look foolish? Then accept my challenge. What do you have to lose if you didn’t cheat?

The ball is now in your court.

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