Arcanelucario #homophobia

/r/kiribaku fitr me

God no...don't, okay? Just don't...

KiriBaku is just so fucking dumb. If you had linked a sub for KiriMina or BakuCamie then I'd be fine with you, but you didn't. You had to go and ruin a good thing by suggesting a couple of good friends are gay.

And see? This is the problem with shipping communities. There's so many people like you, and I always get riled up and start arguing with them. Just ship something that actually makes sense, ffs

shipping two male characters is no worse than shipping two opposite gender characters. You can say a ship is dumb because it’s a gay ship

Except shipping two male characters can be worse, for example in this case. You're shipping two males for the sake of having a gay ship, not because it's an actual ship. You're taking a strong and great friendship, and throwing it out the window because you'd rather they be gay and rather act like the characters are your playthings.

Sure, out of the two options I provided only one of those ships really makes sense and is viable (that being KiriMina. I'll admit BakuCamie is reaching) but with ships like KiriBaku or MomoJirou or whatever you're erasing a well written and good friendship just to get some validation and you're pretty much saying that boys can't be really good friends with each other, or girls can't be really good friends with each other.

God damn do I just hate gay shippers sometimes



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