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SuicideFuel You think Incest is rare? (and the real Giga Chads)

Lets do the Math.

If you look for the of percentage of woman who did had incest with there Brothers you find numbers from 2 to 17% a Computer-Assisted Self Interview found 4,2% of the Woman (all Students or Academics) had sex with there Brother.

Now we have 75% of woman (and men) who have a Brother/Sister, now we have something like
"5,6% of woman with a sibling had incest with there Brothers"

Dont forget, not Brother/Sister but Sibling. So we could easy say 1 of 10 Woman (who has a Brother) had incest with there Brother.

Yeah dont sound as something rare to me.
And dont forget Academics have less Children and there Children are Academics them self later in life so its probably even higher.

(i even did a screenshot)
SBI - the group of Men who did Brother sister Incest
CSA-AF - Men who had befor the turned 18 sex with a adult woman
Controls -Controlgroup

Yeah the SBI scores better in the Median then the Control group.

But look at the GIGA CHAD CSA-AF group, they had in the median 4 times as many partners then the fucking controll group.




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