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(one fundie's rant against the sin of cremation)

In support of the ungodly sin of burning the dead many in the Church of Christ say the body returns to dust. They also say that we are concerned (I imagine they are also talking about God) with the Spirit. So what is the Spirit and where does it go in death? Also how does this Spirit relate to the Holy Spirit? Can you blaspheme the Holy Sprit by cremating the dead?

Also if one seeks to define and bring clarity to the Spirit one must also include information regarding the body and soul. So what is the body? And what is the soul? Are there similarities between the spirit and soul? Since these ungodly Devils want to burn the dead we also need to know what the Bible says about ashes.

We also note that since Cremation is not found in the Bible as a way for believers to dispose the dead where did this blasphemy come from? We have noted previously that most of the schools of Theology among the Denomination Churches are a farce and a disgrace regarding the Truth of the Bible. Now we bring another report regarding the Church of Christ. Are the schools that profess to be guardians of the ”Lord’s Church” filled with false doctrines and the sin-sick teaching of Cremation?

In the Black Church surely this dreadful doctrine of burning the dead was not passed down by our ancestors as Baptist, Methodists etc. Nor was it passed down by those in our families that were unbelievers. For the record most unbelievers know that Cremation is an act of Satan. So again brethren where did this false doctrine come from among the people who came to these shores from “The land of the Blacks?”

It is written that all primitive and initial religious experiences among humankind were Heathen and Pagan. Therefore burning of the dead was noted among many of these people. However when former Heathens embraced God (monotheism, the belief in one God) they moved from the Heathen practices of burning the dead and idol worship. So how can a so-called Christian in 2003 argue for Cremation and the World is not in an uproar?



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