virgin4life and various unnamed incels #psycho

If you could push a button and half of all men would die. Would you do it?

I think the main reason why inceldom is becoming such a huge issue and foids standards have grown to insane levels is because there are way too many men. In western countries there are twice as many single men than single women.

Let's say you could push a button and 50% of all men would die but it was guaranteed that you and anyone you put on a list will not die so you do not have to be concerned about dying yourself or having any of your friends die. Would you do it?

I would tbh. I would be worried about women gaining political power but chances to find a foid would dramatically increase as there would be desparate single foids all over the place.

Poll: “Would you kill 50% of all men if you could do it with the push of a button?”

Yes 15 votes 62.5%
No 7 votes 29.2%
I don’t know… 2 votes 8.3%



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