Laura #racist

You are less than me, worthless nigger what I wanted to say. I started work at a new job in my qualified field of expertise this week. 90% of said job is customer service. Yesterday was my 3rd day on the job. I had hoped the department was nigger free; alas I had the displeasure of working with a young nigger turdlet yesterday. I have 6+ years experience at my trade, the fucking worthless nigger has a month with no prior experience. This lazy piece of trash thought it could order me around by motioning to the service counter when a customer approached, so I could help the customer.

OH HELL NO! I said to it "You saw 'em first. Help them out." It made a face and ignored the human at the counter until it realized that...oh my goodness,dis white gurl gonna be dat way??? After it was made to do it's job, I told it/him that I will take direction from the department manager and the night time supervisor AND THAT'S IT!!! No way am I taking orders from a lazy inexperienced younger fucking NIGGER!'



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