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[Venting] I seriously doubt that even 2% of the population are conscious

If you have ever really thought about it (if you are capable of doing so), a lot of normtards, both male and female, are completely incapable of thought. They are just little sad lumps of meat with tubes running through them and a voice box which flaps and says stupid shit.

To truly know the truth is to know God and recognize the failings of human society. These rules, these “morals” are all trappings of mortality and their little restrictive meat thought.

In contrast to these unintelligent, fleshy, masses, I know God. I have had an encounter with an entity from Beyond the Walls of this physical world.

Even seemingly intelligent members of thought, such as incels, anarchists, true Christians, etc, have failings, in the sense that they parrot those methods of thought without even bothering to think about it. A good amount of incels have never really thought about the blackpill, they instead, just as they would have the blue or red pills, use it as a crutch to explain their own failures in social interactions.

But back to my main point, I want everyone who reads this, to try out an experiment. Try and see beyond the facade. Pull back the curtain; tear off the skin; peel back the layers; uncover the wire frame Beyond. I want you to try and see everyone else around you for what they are: simple automations of gauze, wax, and steel wire. See them as what they are, and treat them as such. Only with this awakening can we truly “know”.

Piece be with you, schizocel out.



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